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FRANZFrance, Australia and New Zealand (pact)
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On the other hand, he was about to land, without any other escort than these men, on an island which had, indeed, a very religious name, but which did not seem to Franz likely to afford him much hospitality, thanks to the smugglers and bandits.
Not a word was spoken, every one seemed occupied, Franz with his disembarkment, the sailors with their sails, the smugglers with their goat; but in the midst of all this carelessness it was evident that they mutually observed each other.
Franz lowered a torch, and saw by the mass of cinders that had accumulated that he was not the first to discover this retreat, which was, doubtless, one of the halting-places of the wandering visitors of Monte Cristo.
Franz waited impatiently, inhaling the aroma of the roasted meat, when the captain returned with a mysterious air.
Well," observed Franz, "this chief is very polite, and I see no objection -- the more so as I bring my share of the supper.
Franz looked at Gaetano, to see, if possible, what he thought of this proposal.
Do you know," observed Franz, "that with such stories you make me think of Ali Baba's enchanted cavern?
Franz pondered the matter for a few moments, concluded that a man so rich could not have any intention of plundering him of what little he had, and seeing only the prospect of a good supper, accepted.
And how did a leader of smugglers," continued Franz, "venture to build a vessel designed for such a purpose at Genoa?
Come," thought Franz, "he is still more mysterious, since the two accounts do not agree.
Decidedly," muttered Franz, "this is an Arabian Nights' adventure.
Franz drew his handkerchief from his pocket, and presented it to the man who had spoken to him.