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FJLFranz Josef Land (Russian Arctic Archipelago)
FJLFord Japan Limited (car company)
FJLFusion Jonah Lomu (subwoofers)
FJLFamily Justice League (Ohio)
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As Capelotti notes in the volume's introductory materials, the history of American exploration of Franz Josef Land could be told only in fragments until recently, when expeditionary diaries, journals, and materials became newly available to scholars.
In the summer of 2013, the National Geographic Society in collaboration with Russkaya Arktika National Park and the Russian Geographical Society organized a Pristine Seas expedition to Russia's Franz Josef Land to assess the condition of its ecosystem and produce the documentary "Russia's Far North." (Cihan/Ria Novosti)
In which general direction would you trek from the North Pole to Franz Josef Land?
But the crew of the Arctic Fern sailed on and actually reached a point further north than their original destination - a group of islands called Franz Josef Land.
In this talk on Franz Josef Land, John will reveal the story of British yachtsman and explorer Benjamin Leigh Smith and his hut on Bell Island.
MOSKOVA (CyHAN)- A surveying expedition by Russia's Northern Fleet has made several geographic discoveries and confirmed the formation of a new island in the Franz Josef Land archipelago, in the Arctic Ocean, a fleet representative said Monday.
Convinced the Saint Anna would never free herself from the ice, Albanov and 13 crewmen left the ship in January 1914, hauling makeshift sledges and kayaks across the frozen sea towards the distant coast of Franz Josef Land.
The crew planned to sail through ice-strewn Arctic waters to the archipelago of Franz Josef Land but were forced to abandon their mission after the Russians refused to give them a visa.
Level ground is also used on the mainland where mammalian predators are uncommon, for example, in Alaska, Arctic Canada, and Franz Josef Land, Russia.
The amount of snow and ice on the men's beards suggests temperatures were between -30[degrees]C and -40[degrees]C; a relieved team photographed in Oslo in 1896; this image, entitled Our Winter Lair, is probably what Nansen and Johanssen referred to as the Hole, a bunker made from snow and rock on Franz Josef Land in which they took shelter during the summer of 1895, after their journey south.
AN IRISH yachtsman is hoping to become the first to sail a boat through arctic waters to the Russian islands of Franz Josef Land next month.