FRAPPFédération Régionale Acadienne des Pêcheurs Professionnels
FRAPPFluorescence Recovery After Patterned Photobleaching
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BRING a taste of cosmopolitan cafe culture to your summer soirees with new Nescafe Frapp a refreshing ice-cold coffee drink.
Le CSC, qui a frapp fort durant la 1re journe face au CRB, effectuera un dplacement sem d'emb"ches l'Arbaa pour donner la rplique au RCA.
As I write this, I'm sitting at Starbucks in my favorite pair of Lululemon leggings and a messy topknot, sipping a mocha light Frapp (hold the whipped cream, please).
The pick-me-up effect of a Frapp is tempting, but the combo of sugar and milk can be trouble for your skin.
Experts strongly suggest that teens limit themselves to 100 milligrams of caffeine a day--about the same amount in one grande caramel frapp.
NOVEMBER The daily mocha Frapp is starting to make a dent in your finances.
To frapp or not to frapp, that is the more pressing question.
And if you can't imagine a world without your mocha frapp, have one a week instead of every day.
Hear us loud and clear: Puh-lease pass on that Frapp.