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FRASFrame Relay Access Support
FRASFonds Régional d'Aide Sociale (French: Regional Fund for Social Aid)
FRASFrame Relay Access Support (Cisco)
FRASFellow of the Royal Astronomical Society
FRASFire Resistant Anti-Static
FRASFellow of the Royal Asiatic Society
FRASFederal Reserve Automation Services
FRASFrame Relay Access Server
FRASFour Rivers Audubon Society
FRASFédération Romande d'Airsoft Suisse (Swiss airsoft association)
FRASFlorida Resident Assistant Seminar
FRASFree-Rocket Antisubmarine
FRASForce Recording & Analysis System (chiropractic treatment)
FRASFlorida Resident Assistant Symposium
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The bruit flew fra Carrick to Galloway, and so suddenly assembled herd and hyre-man that pertained to the band of the Kennedies; and so within a few hours was the house of Denure environed again.
Then came a picture of a cheerful and corpulent ecclesiastic in a shovel hat, sitting opposite a very thin European, and the inscription: "Lunch with Fra Cristofero at Rosario.
The COMSEC FRAs are among a network of more than 30 FRAs operated by Tobyhanna to provide on-site support of C4ISR systems wherever U.
The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) today presented a revised proposal to replace the Civil War-era Baltimore and Potomac (B&P) Tunnel based on feedback provided to the FRA by Baltimore residents during three public hearings in February.