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FAMTFamily Actual Means Test (Australia)
FAMTFatty Acid Methyltransferase (bacteria)
FAMTFace Amount (debt instrument)
FAMTFédération des Associations de Musique Traditionnelle (French: Federation of Associations of Traditional Music)
FAMTFully Automated Machine Translation (computing)
FAMTFinolex Academy of Management and Technology (Mumbai University)
FAMTFlorida Association for Music Therapy (est. 1979)
FAMTFrazer Amiss Memorial Trust (FAMT Underwater Search and Recovery Unit; UK)
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The Frazer Amiss Memorial Trust team said they were now ready to fill the void and help bring much needed closure to anguished parents.
Family and friends set up the Frazer Amiss Memorial Trust and have worked tirelessly to establish and fund a team able to respond at a moment's notice to recover lost loved ones.
Maurice Horton, chairman of the Frazer Amiss Memorial Trust and a member of the Frazer Amiss branch of the British Sub-Aqua Club, said: "We are the only branch with a mandate to do this work for the police, because they know we have the right equipment and have been trained by an expolice diving instructor, Peter Pritchard.