FREDAFeminist Research, Education, Development and Action (Simon Fraser University; Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
FREDAFuel, Radio, Engine, Direction, Altitude (aviation)
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On the other hand, it was told that when Freda, the dancer, arrived from over the passes in a Peterborough canoe in the midst of a drive of mush-ice on the Yukon, and when she offered a thousand dollars for ten sacks and could find no sellers, he sent the flour to her as a present without ever seeing her.
The Mt Freda Complex hosts both the Mt Freda Open Cut as well as the Golden Mile suite of ten historical gold mines.
Other possible names used in the past were her birth name of Beryl Alfreda Gouldstone - Beryl Gouldstone, Alfreda Gouldstone, Beryl A Gouldstone, Beryl A Handley, Beryl Handley, Freda Handley, Freda Hanley (D removed) Beryl Day, Freda Day, Frieda Day.
Corrie fans were left on a bizarre cliffhanger on Friday night as Freda Burgess returned to the Street and placed an urn next to a photo of Norris.
Norris reveals that he needs a divorce because he and Freda are engaged.
He explains that he wants a divorce from Mary in order to marry Freda. Mary, however, grows suspicious of Freda's intentions and refuses.
As she runs out of the house hysterical, a car pulls up and out gets Norris - and he has a shock for his wife when he reveals that he and Freda are engaged and he wants a divorce so he can marry her.
With the help of her sister Minnie, Freda obtained a Separation Order but it didn't require David to leave until October 20.
Why can't the Spanish go somewhere else for their holidays?" Freda, who has mobility issues and went with a pal in May, also said her flights were changed without her being told, and she did not get the ground-floor flat she had requested.
'Alexandra has been a labour of love for me,' says producer and star Freda Steffl.