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FIFFédération Ivoirienne de Football (French: Ivorian Football Federation; Ivory Coast)
FIFForum International de la Finance (French: International Finance Forum; Algeria)
FIFForeign Investment Fund
FIFFirst in Family (education)
FIFFalah-E-Insaniat Foundation (est. 1990; Pakistan)
FIFFederazione Italiana Fuoristrada (Italian: Italian Federation of All Terrain Vehicles)
FIFFédération des Industries Ferroviaires (French: Railway Industry Association)
FIFFinancial Inclusion Fund (UK)
FIFFonds de l'Infrastructure Ferroviaire (French: Railway Infrastructure Fund; Belgium)
FIFFractal Image Format
FIFFree Iraqi Forces
FIFFive Iron Frenzy (band)
FIFFile Interchange Format
FIFFinancial Institution Fraud (criminal offense)
FIFFeet-Inches-Fractions (measurement)
FIFForced Inspiratory Flow (respiratory measurement)
FIFFirst Industries Fund (Pennsylvania)
FIFFinancement Individuel de Formation (French: Individual Financing Training)
FIFFamilial Infiltrative Fibromatosis
FIFField Interview Form (law enforcement)
FIFFive Iron Fan
FIFFrauen in die Forschung (women in research; EUB program)
FIFFinishing Industries Forum (contractors)
FIFFat Into The Fire
FIFFront Is Front (rear engined car)
FIFForward Integration Facility
FIFFailure Intensity Function
FIFFrequency Invariant Filter
FIFFacilities Interface Frame
FIFFibroblast Migration Inhibitory Factor (human lymphocyte)
FIFFinancial Inventory File (Claims)
FIFFree Inquiry Forum (est. 2002)
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The Humvees are obviously American, but people may wonder who the Free Iraqi Forces are.
Also yesterday, opposition leader Dr Ahmed Chalabi and his Iraqi National Congress followers set up makeshift headquarters at two neighbouring social clubs in the affluent Mansour district, guarded by US armoured cars and elements of the new Free Iraqi forces.
As the Free Iraqi Forces their role will stretch from translation to assisting displaced Iraqis.
Members of the Free Iraqi Forces - the military wing of the US-backed Iraqi National Congress - checked cars entering the city.
Al-Emeri, 43, left behind his restaurant in Seattle, Washington state, three months ago to join the Free Iraqi Forces, a group of exiles trained by the US military to serve as interpreters and guides.
Ahmed said: "A tip was passed to the Free Iraqi Forces.
His Free Iraqi Forces guards yesterday were clad in US-style fatigues and given a low-key welcome.
These trainees were not brought into Operation Iraqi Freedom or into the Free Iraqi Forces that deployed to Iraq.
Chalabi and some Free Iraqi Forces later deployed to Baghdad and other parts of Iraq.