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The existence of such organizations had not been authorized under the Constitution, but in a free republic no such authorization was necessary.
The citizens of a free republic are perfectly capable of deciding the truth.
He was in a different league altogether, but when Gus finally did put himself on the literary map with a bestseller, he blew most of the advance on The Free Republic of New Gondwana, an 8-by-30-foot barge, which he anchored just outside the territorial waters of Jamaica.
The film reveals this ambivalence through agitated debates about what establishing a free republic actually means.
The defenders lost the battle, but the example they set inspired the rest of Texas to become a free republic, and eventually join the USA.
Among the groups supporting the counter-rally are the Zionist Organization of America, Free Republic, Christians' Israel Public Action Campaign, and Americans for a Safe Israel.
It may be said that this state looks more like Spinoza's free republic than Leibniz's version of theocracy, but the beliefs that continue to guide individuals, such as faith in a personal God and the immortality of the soul, seem to follow more directly from Leibniz.
I have no doubt when Shinners go to the cinema and watch it they will soon begin to feel uncomfortable because the tricky subject of the ultimate betrayal by Irishmen of the ideals of a free Republic does surface.
Between Fox News on television and Free Republic on the Web, it's clear that Republican electoral success hasn't diminished the audience for conservative media outlets.
A problem for many Americans is that they have never lived in the free republic created by our forefathers.
Even in America's so-called free republic, the supposedly "unalienable" and "self-evident" rights have been ignored on countless occasions--the Alien and Sedition Acts, the conquest of Native Americans, slavery, and the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II, to name but a few.