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They had come together not to overthrow the government but to oversee it, which they considered their duty as citizens of a free republic.
He left at an early age but never forgot his abhorrence of slavery and thrilled to the feats of Toussaint L'Ouverture, the native--born Haitian general who led those overthrowing French colonialists in 1804 to establish the world's first Black republic and the second free republic in our hemisphere.
"I have the great honour of becoming the first president of the first free republic of the Arab world," the French-trained doctor said after the vote and before going to take up residence in Ben Ali's old seaside presidential palace beside the Roman ruins at Carthage.
"I have the great honor of becoming the first president of the first free republic of the Arab world," the French-trained doctor told AFP.
"Our future can now be lived in a free republic. We have been waiting for a long time."
The 43-year-old actor, who was one of the first guests to chat with the Queen at the party, is adamant that his countrymen will be thrilled that the Queen is making her 16th trip Down Under, despite some citizens calling for the country to be made a free republic.
From today's perspective, one can say that it is related to Athenian republicanism and the notion of a free republic envisaged in The Federalist Papers.
He was in a different league altogether, but when Gus finally did put himself on the literary map with a bestseller, he blew most of the advance on The Free Republic of New Gondwana, an 8-by-30-foot barge, which he anchored just outside the territorial waters of Jamaica.
The film reveals this ambivalence through agitated debates about what establishing a free republic actually means.
Free Republic or DailyKos?" RedBlueAmerica, he adds, fills this void; it is designed to be a meeting place that is completely unbiased.
The defenders lost the battle, but the example they set inspired the rest of Texas to become a free republic, and eventually join the USA.
The Literary Editor regrets that in the review of Alison Plowden's In A Free Republic: Life in Cromwell's England, published in the Summer number, the name of the publisher, Sutton Publishing, was inadvertently omitted.