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FSTVFree Speech TV
FSTVFast Scan Television (amateur radio)
FSTVFrontage Satellite Television (Nigeria, Africa)
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* It's hard to believe that Eric Alterman failed to mention Free Speech TV Network, available on the DISH Network satellite system.
Free Speech TV opens the door to a world of critical -- and frequently suppressed -- information.
Politically progressive sites like Common Dreams (http://www.commondreams.org) and Free Speech TV (http://www.freespeech.org) have a decent share of gay content.
A television program along the same lines will begin in a few months, hopefully syndicated on Free Speech TV around the country.
He runs Free Speech TV, a channel that aims "to advance progressive social change" through antiwar programming and international documentaries.
* Institute for Public Accuracy [www.accuracy.org] * Project Censored [www.projectcensored.org] * Independent Press Association [www.indypress.org] * Free Speech TV [www.freespeech.org/fstv] * The Independent Media Institute [www.alternet.org/imi] * The Alliance for Community Media [www.alliancecm.org] * The Media Access Project [www.mediaaccess.org] * We Interrupt this Message [www.interrupt.org] * The Center for Media Education [www.cme.org] * Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting [www.fair.org] * Independent Media Center [www.indymedia.org] * Robert McChensney [www.robertmecchesney.com] * CIPB [www.cipbonline.org] * Media Alliance [www.media-alliance.org]
Free Speech TV (FStv) headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, is a part-time cable network which calls itself "A progressive, voice in the media revolution." It is a cooperative venture between a host of independent producers and various TV outlets.