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It took me a little longer, for often I had to hide in the trees that the lions might not get me, but I came in time, and now you are free to go back to your friends.
Before to-morrow we shall be out of prison, and free to go where we will, besides.
She stood looking at her master, not understanding whether she was free to go, or whether he had more to say to her and would call her back if she did go.
Considerable freedom was allowed me, as Sola had informed me that so long as I did not attempt to leave the city I was free to go and come as I pleased.
The Prince of Helium shall be escorted in safety to the boundary of my domain ere the sun has set again, where he shall be free to go whither he will; but upon pain of death must he never again enter the land of Kaol.
You yourself are free to go when and where you will.
It was so good to be free to go where he pleased, to be his own master, if only for a stolen hour, to keep out of sight of a cow or a plow.
Ahm, who is now free to go and come as he wishes, accompanied them.
The matter is settled between us," interrupted Ishmael, with the air of one who, having made up his own opinion on the merits of the question, cared very little for those of other people; "you and your wife are free to go and come, when and how you please.
The mere fact of obeying her orders, of feeling free to go about his business again and talk with other men, restored his shaken balance and magnified his sense of what he owed her.
I don't intend to gad about with you, but leave you free to go where you like, while I amuse myself in my own way.
In a moment more I was alone, and free to go down-stairs in my turn, quite unobserved.