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FOAFunding Opportunity Announcement (NIH)
FOAFaculty of Actuaries (various locations)
FOAFundamentals of Advertising (course)
FOAForeign Office Architects (UK)
FOAFreedom of Association
FOAFag Og Arbejde (Danish: Trade and Labour)
FOAField of Activity (various organizations)
FOAFinal Offer Arbitration (aka pendulum arbitration)
FOAFiefdom of Angels (Kevin Max novel)
FOAFurther Oral Activity (education)
FOAFriends of Animals
FOAFuzzy Optimization Algorithm
FOAFirst of All
FOAFiber Optic Association
FOAFollowers of Asura (Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures; gaming)
FOAFormula One Association
FOAFramework of Agreement (various locations)
FOAForm of Authorization
FOAFate of Atlantis (Indiana Jones computer game)
FOAFax of Acceptance (contracts)
FOAField Operating Agency
FOAFutures and Options Association
FOAFörsvarets Forskningsanstalt (Swedish Defence Research Establishment)
FOAFriends of Archaeology (various locations)
FOAForward Operational Assessment (US Army)
FOAFocus of Attention
FOAFestival of Arts
FOAFoyers Occupationnels d'Accueil (French: Occupational Health Homes)
FOAFirst Office Application
FOAFlèche d'Or Anderlecht (Belgian archery club)
FOAFurther Oral Assessment (education)
FOAFashion Outlets of America Inc. (Lyndhurst, NJ)
FOAFriends of Angelo (loan program)
FOAFoot Orthotic Appliance
FOAFormula One Administration Ltd.
FOAFiber Optic Adapter
FOAFull on Assault
FOAFarmers of America
FOAField Operating Activity
FOAFormatting Objects Authoring (Java application)
FOAFear of Abandonment (psychology)
FOAFiber Optic Amplifier
FOAFlorida Orchestra Association
FOAForm of Address
FOAFriends of Al-Aqsa
FOAFirst Office Acceptance (wireless communications)
FOAForward Operating Agency
FOAFriend of Another (anonymous author)
FOAFriends of Afghanistan
FOAFiber-Optic Attenuator
FOAFront Office Assistant (job title)
FOAFront Office Appearance
FOAForm of Acceptance
FOAField Operations Assistant
FOAFree On Air
FOAForced Oil and Air (cooling power transformer)
FOAFederal Odometer Act
FOAFailed on Arrival (product defectiveness)
FOAFixed-Object-Attachment (highway safety engineering)
FOAFoundation of Annihilation (Counter-Strike gaming clan)
FOAForamen Ovale Apertum
FOAFriends of Amtrak
FOAFoundation for Outdoor Adventure (Britain)
FOAFirst Over All
FOAFailure to Obtain Action
FOAForests Owners' Association (RSA)
FOAFriends of the Argonauts (Canada)
FOAFile Originator's Address
FOAFull Operational Assessment
FOAFederal Order Administrator (GSA)
FOAFitting-Out Activity/Ability/Availability
FOAFriends of Abe
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FOAForward Operating/Operations Area
FOAFriends of Amy Grant
FOAFriends of Allonby Canoe Club Liverpool (Liverpool, UK)
FOAForce of Alliance (Wolrd of Warcraft guild)
FOAFuzzy Origination Approach
FOAFunctioning Outer Aspect (Dental)
FOAFunctional Operational Area
FOAFraternity of Assassins Gaming (gaming guild)
FOAFreaks of America
FOAFill on Arrival (prescription fulfillment)
FOAFollow-On Acquisition
FOAFlight Operations and Analysis
FOAFreemans of America (gaming clan)
FOAFresh off the Airplane (Internet slang)
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He asked the court to determine whether as a "person" he is protected by Article 36 of the Constitution, and if so, whether his right to freedom of association had been infringed.The NGO board and the AG had argued that his right to freedom of association had not been infringed and if limited, such limitation can be justified on the basis of the criminalisation of homosexual intercourse in the Penal Code.
He said even the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights has appealed for freedom of association and assembly, as long as they are peaceful.
'Furthermore, as you know, the rights enjoyed by trade unions to respect for collective bargaining agreements and non-interference in their activities is further guaranteed by Conventions 87 and 98 of the International Labour Organisation and Freedom of Association. These conventions were fully subscribed to by Nigeria upon the attainment of independence.
Constitution of Pakistan ensures freedom of speech and freedom of association as basic human rights.
It discusses the text, history, and theory of the First Amendment and First Amendment methodology; content-based regulation and low-value speech; the public forum, expressive conduct, freedom of association and belief, government-sponsored environments, and freedom of the press; and freedom of religion.
Andreeva added that the EU remains "committed to the protection of freedom of expression and freedom of association and will continue to support civil society organisations which play a very important role in a democratic society and in fostering promoting human rights and democratic values in Israel, the EU and the world." The EU reaction came following media reports that the EU has stopped funding the Freedom Protection Council.
The group even asked Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello III to convene a Tripartite Monitoring Body on freedom of association that will investigate, gather evidence and analyze information to determine who is accountable for the bloody incident.
III The Rise and Fall of the Implied Freedom of Association
'The rights to stand for election, of free speech and of freedom of association are enshrined in the Basic Law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and the Hong Kong Bill of Rights,' the UK's Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) said.
Greater rights due for freedom of association, assembly The National Police Agency (NPA) is seeking a revision to the law governing public places, following the committee's recommendation after the Constitutional Court found unconstitutional a clause, that bans outdoor rallies and protests within a 100-meter radius of the National Assembly.
"It would be a disgrace if European countries were to ratify free trade with a country that is one of the world's worst enemies of freedom of expression, freedom of the press and freedom of association," said the open letter addressed to the EU Council and the European Parliament.
In a statement issued Thursday, HRCP said, 'In claiming to grant the people of GB their fundamental freedoms, the GB order has clipped their right to freedom of association and expression.'
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