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FZLVLFreezing Level (weather forecasts)
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And they still have an AIRMET for icing over the area, and that runs from Great Falls to Idaho Falls, and that says moderate icing between the freezing level and 20,000.
The potential strength of the updraft and the height of the freezing level are critical items.
Radar algorithms had to infer precipitation type based on characteristics like storm structure and the atmospheric freezing level.
But temperatures will drop to around freezing level at night so we're in for a few frosty nights.
But Monday through Thursday, the lows are expected to stay slightly above the freezing level of 32 degrees, with daytime highs in the 40s.
With dropping temperature to freezing level, the demand for dry fruit has witnessed a surge in twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.
On Saturday, the weather becomes chilly during night with temperatures dropping further to freezing level.
Conditions must be ripe for formation, usually humid winter nights when air temperatures dip below the freezing level.
Today is a much colder day and as temperatures could fall below zero and the freezing level falls to 1,300 feet through the day, any showers will fall readily as sleet and snow.
When that happens, it takes the moisture above the freezing level and keeps it there for a long time," the senior meteorologist said.