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Two points along the Red Ball Express highway where combat units picked up their supplies--Chartes and Dreux--became targets of the infamous French Forces of the Interior, which constantly tried to steal equipment from Allied trucks.
By late summer 1944, they had opened up their ranks and organized the French Forces of the Interior. Known collectively to everyone as les fifis (from the acronym FFI), they prepared for a full-scale insurrection in occupied Paris, against the advice and direction of British and American generals.
He gave a firm nod to the president of France in remarking, "The French forces of the interior will forever personify courage and national spirit; they will be a timeless inspiration to all who are free, and to all who would be free." Additionally, Reagan stated, "We reaffirm the unity of democratic peoples who fought a war and then joined with the vanquished in a firm resolve to keep the peace."
The 6th Army Group consisted of American veterans, and its French units swelled with tens of thousands of Free French Forces of the Interior and the Maquis.