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FIDFestival Internacional de Diseno (Spanish: International Design Festival)
FIDFlame Ionization Detector
FIDFlat Incline Decline (exercise equipment)
FIDFeathered Kid (birds)
FIDFinancial Institutions Development
FIDFédération Internationale du Diabète (French: International Diabetes Federation)
FIDFederated Identity Service (computing)
FIDFree Induction Decay
FIDForeign Internal Defense
FIDFrequency Id
FIDFilter Identifier
FIDFormat Indicator
FIDFile Identifier Descriptor
FIDFace ID (Identification; Apple iPhone)
FIDFinal Investment Decision
FIDFinancial Investment Decision (various organizations)
FIDFur Is Dead
FIDFirearms Identification (card)
FIDFoire Internationale du Dessin (French: International Exhibition of Drawing)
FIDFinancial Institutions Duty (Australia)
FIDFault Isolation Device
FIDFederation Internationale de Documentation
FIDFormat Identifier
FIDFédération Internationale d'information et de Documentation
FIDField Identifier
FIDFeature Identification
FIDFonds d'Intervention pour le Développement (French: Development Intervention Fund; Madagascar)
FIDFixed Income Division
FIDFremantle International Distribution
FIDFormat Identification
FIDFinished Inside Depth (engineering tolerance)
FIDFirst in Defense (motto/nickname for USS Forrestal)
FIDForeign Income Dividend
FIDFile Identifier Descriptor (CD-R)
FIDFrequency Identifier (computing)
FIDFunction Identifier
FIDFrame Identifier
FIDFederacion Internacional de Domino (Spanish: International Domino Federation)
FIDFormación Integral Docente (Spanish: Comprehensive Teacher Training; Chile)
FIDField Interface Device
FIDForce Identification
FIDFondation Internationale pour Le Développement (French: International Foundation for Development)
FIDFrom Invoice Date
FIDFault Insertion Device
FIDFederal Identifier
FIDFormat Identification Data
FIDFault Isolation Detection
FIDForest Inspection Division
FIDFault Isolation Diagnostics
FIDForce Integration Division (usually in G3 Operations office)
FIDFailure Identifier
FIDFeature Identification Data
FIDFlight Instrumentation Division
FIDForeign Intelligence Defense
FIDFunctional Interface Document
FIDFunctional Interface Drawing
FIDFixed Induction Date (US DoD)
FIDField Induction Date
FIDFully Integrated Delivery
FIDFault Indicator Directory
FIDForeign Identification Designator (munitions)
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CAP is also offering a new type of manhole cover with an encapsulated radio frequency ID tag that allows municipalities to easily track information linked to each manhole.
To those not in the know, the RFID (Radio Frequency ID) through its sensor, causes the gate bars to raise, similar to those seen at Slex/Skyway toll booths.
Also, the data increasingly comes from unstructured formats, gleaned from multiple sources including mobile phones, the internet, the Internet of Things, radio frequency ID, and digital cameras.
CWP end points can now include the disconnection mode SDP attribute ('NoFreqDisconn') in the SIP INVITE message to inform GRS not to terminate the session when GRS changes its frequency id. The GRS supporting this feature will retain the sessions received with this SDP attribute and terminates other sessions when frequency id changes.
According to reports I read, a small microchip, an RFID, or radio frequency ID, will be inserted in employees' hands between their thumb and forefinger--painless, they say, and the company is magnanimously picking up the $300/each tab--to allow the workers to "open doors, pay for purchases, share business cards, store medical information, and login to their computers, all at the wave of a hand."
The RFID (Radio Frequency ID) chips would allow those employees who volunteer to participate in the program to open doors, pay for purchases, share business cards, store medical information, pay for stuff at other RFID terminals and login to their computers.
However, the technology to record workers' hours has changed dramatically, including scans of an employee's fingerprint or radio frequency ID badge, (commonly known as RFID), that can record time to the millisecond.
biological identification techniques (trace mineral markers, spectroscopic analysis, DNA testing); track and trace technology (using barcodes and radio frequency ID)
"For the long term, there will be discussions for a unified radio frequency ID (RFID) and other technologies to make it even more efficient for operators and motorists," Casanova explained.
In 1997, while at Procter & Gamble, Ashton solved an inventory problem by introducing radio frequency ID onto store shelves, for which he coined the now-familiar phrase, "the Internet of Things." The solution to the problem was the end point of a long, arduous process with many missteps and setbacks.
Furthermore, ADPC has introduced optical character recognition (OCR), as well as RFID (radio frequency ID) tags for truck drivers to make their entry to and exit from the port faster and more convenient.
With its virtual balconies, radio frequency ID wristbands to enable passengers to make cashless payments and robotic bartenders, Quantum of the Seas has been touted as the world's first smart ship.
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