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FMFarm to Market (secondary road, Texas)
FMForeign Minister
FMFrequency Modulation
FMFederated States of Micronesia (US postal abbreviation)
FMField Manual (Army)
FMFactory Mutual
FMFootball Manager (computer game)
FMFinancial Management
FMFamily Member (AUXMIS)
FMFebruary, March (budget times in Indian states)
FMFree Market
FMFinal Mix (Japanese Kingdom Hearts game)
FMFollow Me
FMFort Minor (band)
FMFacility Management
FMFacility Manager
FMFranklin Mint
FMFull Moon
FMFamily Medicine
FMFat Man (atomic bomb)
FMForce Management
FMFort Myers (Florida)
FMFamily Room
FMFlow Meter
FMForest Management
FMFleetwood Mac (band)
FMForza Motorsport (video game series)
FMFreddie Mercury (Queen lead singer)
FMForum Moderator (message boards)
FMFinance Manager
FMFacilities Maintenance
FMFire Mission
FMFrequency Modulated
FMFast Messages
FMFlogging Molly (band)
FMFault Management
FMFunky Monkey (104.9 FM Seattle, WA radio station)
FMFargo-Moorhead (North Dakota)
FMFat Mass
FMFront Matter
FMFinancial Manager
FMFire Marshall
FMFederal Mediation and Conciliation Service
FMForward Motion
FMFaucet Mount (plumbing; various companies)
FMField Maintenance
FMForce Majeure (French: Greater Force)
FMForeign Material
FMField Marshal
FMFujitsu Micro (computer; Japan)
FMFox Mulder (X-Files character)
FMFailure Mode
FMFax Mail
FMFiscal Management
FMFactory Made
FMFuture Magazine (UK)
FMFecal Matter
FMFerdinand Marcos
FMFormula Mass (chemistry)
FMFlight Model
FMFrequency Management
FMFilosofian Maisteri (Finnish: masters degree)
FMFloor Manager
FMFIDE Master (chess)
FMFighters Megamix (video game)
FMFish Meal
FMFissile Material
FMForce Main (civil/hydraulic engineering)
FMFlexible Manufacturing
FMFrequency Multiplier (NIOSH)
FMFlying Monkeys
FMFormal Method(s)
FMFile Maintenance
FMFont Metrics
FMFetal Movement
FMFemtometer (10 E^-15, one quadrillionth of a meter)
FMFacility Map (FAA ARTCC mapping of areas to a facility)
FMFactory Model
FMForce Modernization
FMFukai Mori (Japanese song, Inuyasha closing theme)
FMFront Midship (Nissan)
FMField Modification
FMFederal Methodology (financial need determination formula)
FMFaulkner Mazda (Pennsylvania)
FMFrequency Modulate
FMFunctional Manager
FMFunctional Module
FMFlow Manufacturing
FMFineness Modulus
FMField Martial (military rank)
FMForce Module
FMFinancial Minister
FMFoam Molding
FMFibrosing Mediastinitis
FMFull Mana
FMFan Marker
FMFull Migration
FMFurnace Module
FMFriable Material
FMFinished Machined
FMFusion Module
FMFacility Module
FMFacial Myokymia
FMFreaking Magic (polite form; especially applied to programming or electronics)
FMFrontier Mountains (Everquest)
FMFinance Memorandum
FMFibrous Monolith
FMFacing Matter
FMFreedom Medicine (Pakistan NGO)
FMFecit Monumentum (Latin: Built A Monument, epigraphy)
FMFilius Matri (Latin: Son to His Mother, epigraphy)
FMFrijoles Mesa Site
FMFilio Mater (Latin: Mother to Her Son, epigraphy)
FMFondo de Microcrédito (Spanish: Microcredit Fund; various nations)
FMFilio Morenti (Latin: To His/Her Dying Son, epigraphy)
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Models FSL-2740 (27 GHz to 40 GHz), FSL-5067 (50 GHz to 67 GHz), and FSL-7682 (76 GHz to 82 GHz) are based on the manufacturer's 650-MHz to 20-GHz QuickSyn Lite synthesizer coupled to a suitable frequency multiplier.
Thanks to this long optical path it is possible to integrate beam-shaper and - expander, polarization elements, frequency multiplier and much more.
However, when it comes to hybrid integrated frequency multiplier, especially at frequencies about 200 GHz and below, the commercial chip capacitor is the only option.
24 -- Mini-Circuits has introduced a surface mount frequency multiplier, model RMK-3-1052+, which offers Broadband with an output frequency 6600 to 10500 MHz.
The MIT researchers built an experimental graphene chip known as a frequency multiplier, meaning it is capable of taking an incoming electrical signal of a certain frequency and producing an output signal that is a multiple of that frequency.
Other topics covered include mixer design, frequency multiplier design, and design of VCOs.
Typical approaches of attaining higher frequencies are either using a lower frequency clock with a PLL frequency multiplier or using a SAW oscillator," notes Chuck Ulland, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at NEL.
Due to the inherent upper limit in operating frequency of active devices in local oscillators, a frequency multiplier, in conjunction with a low frequency local oscillator, has often been used as a signal source, providing better overall phase-noise performance and low cost realization.
For jobs involving multiple tasks, the composite LI was calculated by (a) analyzing each task separately to obtain task frequency (F) and the corresponding frequency multiplier (FM), then (b) calculating the frequency-weighted RWL for the entire job, (c) calculating the frequency-weighted weight for the entire job, and (d) obtaining the composite L
The practical limit of the output power of a frequency multiplier is typically either the power beyond which conversion efficiency drops off due to saturation effects or the device lifetime becoming unacceptably short due to thermal or reverse-breakdown effects.
He added, "The MG3690C architecture features a frequency reference, a PLL circuit consisting of an oscillator and frequency division circuitry, and a frequency multiplier.
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