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FOUForskning och Utveckling (Swedish: Research and Development)
FOUForskning og Utviklingsarbeid (Norweigan: Research and Development)
FOUFor Our Utopia (gaming clan)
FOUFrequency of Use (keyboard layout)
FOUField of Use
FOUFever of Unknown Origin (medicine)
FOUFor Official Use
FOUField Operation Unit
FOUFan Out Unit (Cisco)
FOUFate of Unwanted (gaming clan)
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The demographic section contained questions to elicit the student's identification number, age, sex, racial/ethnic status, degree/program enrolled, major, employment, frequency of use and course experience in using six common technologies (word processing, e-mail, spreadsheets, database management software, statistical packages, and CD-ROM databases).
Cohort 2 (Mean=3.59; out of 5 possible) showed a higher averaged frequency of use in e-mail than Cohort 1 (Mean=3.12).
When examining the change patterns, frequency of use and perceived self-efficacy with a type of computer technology appeared to be related.
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