FRETILINFrente Revolucionária do Timor Leste Independente (Revolutionary Front of Independent East Timor)
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Bringing Fretilin into government with Gusmao's coalition is seen as a way of easing political tensions in the country of 1.
Mari Alkatiri, secretary general of Fretilin, has accused the CNRT of having instigated the tensions and urged the party to take responsibility and apologize to the public.
Declaring a provisional government made up of Timorese allies on January 13, 1976, the Indonesian Government said it was acting to forestall civil strife in East Timor and to prevent the consolidation of power by the FRETILIN party.
Jose Teixeira, an MP and Fretilin spokesperson, told Al Jazeera the government had capitulated to diplomatic pressure from Indonesia by interfering with the judicial process.
Tetun thereby began to develop into a new national language for the Timorese, through its use in the mass and its role as the common language used by guerrilla members of Fretilin.
While Fretilin and the UDT formed a coalition for independence in
Because of this, CNRT was resurrected, to reconstruct all that is fundamentally unjust with our nation at the hands of the Fretilin leadership.
Fretilin developed a constitution that favored the majority party, and when the Constituent Assembly transformed itself into the first Parliament upon independence, Fretilin controlled the government--executive, legislative and judicial.
The losing candidate (representing the then-ruling FRETILIN party) accepted the result peacefully.
28) FRETILIN refers to the Revolutionary Front for an Independent East Timor.
Alkatiri's ruling Fretilin party also demanded the prime minister step down.
Parliament Speaker Francisco Guterres, a leader of the ruling Fretilin party, urged authorities to investigate the whereabouts of the missing politicians, and shrugged off criticism that the government should quit.