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FDLFFast Decoupled Load Flow (load flow analysis)
FDLFFriends Don't Let Friends
FDLFFriends Dressed Like Friends
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And while the loudest singalong is of course for Hey There Delilah, songs like Take Me Away, the summery pop of opener Our Time Now and the instant singalong Friends Don't Let Friends Dial Drunk showed that the Illinois quartet are more than just a one trick pony.
Bursting straight into song with Friends Don't Let Friends Dial Drunk from their upcoming album, Every Second Counts, it really got the band in great spirits as well as the crowd, who appeared ecstatic that they were getting to preview some new Plain White T's material.
Patrick McCormick's column "Our brothers' keepers" (June) is extremely articulate, particularly the last sentence: "Friends don't let friends fight and die in an unjust war." Thank you.
From Smokey Bear to "Friends don't let friends drive drunk" and "A mind is a terrible thing to waste," its icons and taglines have become part of popular culture.
Friends don't let friends drive drunk, and peace advocates do a lot more than shrug when a previously great antiwar organization starts to get lost.
Because friends don't let friends get tagged as vicious gossips.
This is why the Ad Council came up with the "Friends Don't Let Friends Drive Drunk" campaign.
After all, friends don't let friends practice unsafe kissing.
But friends don't let friends eat their way into plus sizes.
Ellie Tina Holmes Sid Eion Bailey Blair Petra Wright Matthew Devon Gummersall Whit Heather Donahue Peter Adam Scott Tim Daniel Serafini-Sauli Doug Nick Sandow In "Seven and a Match," friends don't let friends burn down houses, but such a fateful incendiary decision isn't the animating idea in writer-director Derek Simonds' script.
On the other side are teens who have grown up hearing the mantra: "Friends don't let friends drive drunk." The district is being unrealistic, they say.
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