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FRIOFree Riding Inevitably Occurs (political science)
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About eleven o'clock in the morning the Tropic of Capricorn was crossed on the thirty-seventh meridian, and we passed Cape Frio standing out to sea.
Rio de Janeiro -- Excursion north of Cape Frio -- Great Evaporation -- Slavery -- Botofogo Bay -- Terrestrial Planariae -- Clouds on the Corcovado -- Heavy Rain -- Musical Frogs -- Phosphorescent Insects -- Elater, springing powers of -- Blue Haze -- Noise made by a Butterfly -- Entomology -- Ants -- Wasp killing a Spider -- Parasitical Spider -- Artifices of an Epeira -- Gregarious Spider -- Spider with an unsymmetrical Web.
-- A few days after our arrival I became acquainted with an Englishman who was going to visit his estate, situated rather more than a hundred miles from the capital, to the northward of Cape Frio. I gladly accepted his kind offer of allowing me to accompany him.
Por considerar uma temperatura fixa, o metodo de HF serve apenas como referencial da disponibilidade de frio (PETRI et al., 1996).
Desse modo, primeiramente (i), foram realizadas visitas aos principais templos da Assembleia de Deus em Cabo Frio, a fim de captar a dinamica criada nesses lugares para envolver os fieis nos propositos da igreja.
It is heaven as I can arrange my hours so I can look after Frio in the mornings and work near his stable in Stoke d'Arbernon, a small village between Cobham and Leatherhead.
The exploration team believes the multiple Frio sands identified in the seismic profile could contain significant gas and condensate reserves and proposes to drill one to two wells to test the Frio zones.
The Koliba Prospect will be drilled 250 feet from an originally large producing well and is considered a low risk / high reward prospect due to its proximity to previous wells in the prolific Frio interval, the company said.