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Plas Newydd Head Gardener and course designer Paul O'Byrne said: "The people at Wham-O were so excited about the prospect of a Frisbee Golf Course at Plas Newydd that they asked to be involved.
There's also adventure and frisbee golf, 4x4 off-roaders, super jumper trampolines, diggers, a jungle climb and pedal trucking.
A Frisbee golf tournament and luncheon was hosted by the groom on the grounds of Monmouth Plantation in honor of the groomsmen, and a guest brunch was held for out-of-town guests, hosted by Ashley Junkin at the home of Pat and Dickey Junkin on the Natchez Bluffs.
Try your hand at our 18 basket frisbee golf course which is fun for everyone.
And if you're wanting a bit of simple fun, Frisbee golf is another popular activity the resort has, offering an 18-hole, high altitude course in the midst of the beautiful scenery of trees, wild flowers and the occasional furry friend.
Playing most of the events unlocks new modes or difficulty levels for the 12 main attractions, such as the wonderful frisbee golf or three-on-three basketball.
There was music, jokes, general camaraderie--the hallmarks of any weekend warrior on his or her way to a chosen sport like flag football, Frisbee golf, or, in our case, ice hockey.
New to the farm's list of offerings this year is the Hickory Nut Gap Farm Frisbee Golf Course.
That's why I think it's a brilliant place to stay for families, as there's a lot going on each day such as football, dodge ball, crafts, Jenga, Frisbee golf, bingo and fishing.
We strenuously recommend against using it to play fetch or Frisbee golf.
The park offers an 18-hole golf course with a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean, a Frisbee golf course, a marina and a cafe, as well as scenery and views from atop Black Hill.