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FROBFund for Orderly Bank Restructuring (Spanish banking bailout)
FROBFreight Remaining on Board
FROBFailure Review Oversight Board (International Launch Services)
FROBForeign Remaining on Board (cargo)
FROBFriendly Order of Battle (Air Force air operations)
FROBFairbanks Regional Office Building (Fairbanks, AK)
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Spain could change the law to make it easier for the savings banks to seek private investment, the FROB said in a statement on its website on Friday.
FROB believes that international investors will take part in Sareb's capital providing some EUR 500 million, Carrascosa added.
The Spanish government, which had set new minimum capital requirements in February, said that the FROB would take equity stakes in those institutions that may fail to raise new money from private sources.
The FROB, with a funding capacity of up to 99 billion euros ($123.
In our opinion, both FROB assistance and such integration processes will be crucial for the long-term financial health of this sector," said Alberto Postigo, a Moody's Senior Analyst and author of the report.
6bn for the mortgages portfolio and FROB is providing EUR572m.
Goldman Sachs will analyse strategies for divesting the government's stake in Bankia, the state bank restructuring fund, known as FROB, reportedly said.
45bn) within 15 years, local daily Cinco Dias said, citing the business plan, made by bank restructuring fund FROB with the objective to attract private investors.
instructed the FROB to take control of the bank, after having committed a
2m in interest payments to bank restructuring fund FROB, which controls 89.