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FYTOFrom Yellow to Orange (video game)
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MANILA -- Expect intense rain in Metro Manila on Wednesday as the state weather bureau upgraded its rainfall warning from yellow to orange in the metropolis and nearby provinces with Typhoon Glenda (international name: Rammasun) approaching.
This week's look at the most competitive races on the Texas congressional and legislative ballots sees two races upgraded into more urgent territory: HD-96 (Turner) moves from Orange to Red, and HD-57 (Dunnam) moves from Yellow to Orange. Two more are on the verge of downgrading from Orange to Yellow: HD-56 (Anderson) and HD-107 (Vaught).
They vary from yellow to orange to copper, with a prominent brown centre, and flower for a long time.
One of the most striking cultivars is long-flowering Sahin's Early Flowerer, which varies from yellow to orange to copper.
WHEN SECRETARY of Homeland Security Tom Ridge upped the terrorist threat level in the New York and Washington, D.C., areas from yellow to orange in August, the response from prominent Democrats was more predictable than a Zarqawi video-grant.
Passengers should brace for security related delays during the busy holiday travel season after the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) upped its terror alert from Yellow to Orange. Longer lines are expected at most airports, and traffic leading to the terminals could be slowed by random vehicle checks.
Bell peppers can mature green as well as red, orange, yellow, or maroon; pimientos ripen red; wax types go from yellow to orange or red.
The union believes that the cut backs are unacceptable as there are 14 fewer officers providing security at the airport than previously employed when the USA's security level was increased from yellow to orange.
Containing beta-carotene at a typical concentration of 1%, CaroPure[R] CWS yields repeatable colour shades varying from yellow to orange depending on the dose used.
Yet the way they were made allowed them to articulate an ambiguous message; each curtain, colored a different hue ranging from yellow to orange, contained words printed in an old-fashioned, elegant script and each was decorated with small archaic images that made it seem like an antique banner.
Triton may turn out to be another spectacle, its surface possibly ranging from yellow to orange to brown to almost black (if it is not hidden by stratospheric haze) due to a variety of organic sludges.