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FEFFront End Friday (car photography)
FEFFoundation for Economic Freedom (Philippines)
FEFFederación Ecuatoriana de Fútbol (Spanish, Ecuador)
FEFForced Expiratory Flow (lung function)
FEFFrontal Eye Field
FEFFernow Experimental Forest (research forest; West Virginia)
FEFFile Exchange Format
FEFFoundry Educational Foundation
FEFFédération des Etudiants Francophones (French: Federation of Francophone Students)
FEFFree Enterprise Fund
FEFFree Enterprise Foundation
FEFFlorida Education Foundation
FEFFamilia Educadora en la Fe (Spanish: Faith Family Educator; Mexico)
FEFFlexible Elastomeric Foam
FEFFlèches Électroniques France (French dart club)
FEFFix Effectiveness Factor (methodology)
FEFFree Earth Foundation (Doylestown, PA)
FEFFront End Fee
FEFFundación Europea de Formación (Spanish)
FEFFuture Engineer Force
FEFFrance Europe Formation (French: Europe France Training)
FEFFrench Erotic Film
FEFFastest Edge First (algorithm)
FEFFamilial Erythrophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis
FEFFunctional Evaluation Flight
FEFFuel Examination Facility
FEFFront Endpaper (book)
FEFFamily of Equipment Failure (Nortel)
FEFFailure of Equipment Family (Alcatel)
FEFFabrique d'Ebauche de Fleurier (French: Factory Outline Fleurier; watch movement)
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The front endpaper provides port and starboard profiles and an overhead view of the Saratoga (Forrestal class).
The front endpaper guard contains fragments of a Vulgate Bible in a fifteenth-century Gothic book hand.
Signed by Washington, it features his family coat of arms on the front endpaper and his motto "Exitus acta probat" or "The ends justify the deed.
Barfield / Oxford 1919" on the front endpaper, the Sidney has some of Barfield's penciled notes on the rear endpaper (72).
The printed waste used as the front endpaper pastedown has the word "Fredegonde" in capitals at the tail; this is the catch-word from the prelims of another book, Fredegonde et Brunehaut.
Adding to the confusion about the scope of this large show, Conner insisted that the front endpaper of the catalogue bear an embossed seal declaring (not just once, but twice) NOT A RETROSPECTIVE.
The five maps show the first thirteen colonies and their key cities in 1779; the growth of the nation to 1853; secession in 1861; a front endpaper map of all fifty states and their capitals; and, inexplicably, a simplistic world map on the back endpages.
There is a useful Austen family tree printed on the front endpaper, and sixteen pages of black and white plates, many, inevitably, familiar, but well-reproduced.
Whilst the front endpaper has a colour patch for all the kids showing what is important to them (and Miss Quick's includes a cup, bunch of flowers, apple and chocolate), the final endpaper has a self-portrait by each child (and one of their teacher)--a lovely touch
On the front endpaper the author provides examples of some of the stencils used.
The front endpaper (unusually there is no final endpaper) is particularly gloomy, almost menacing, and the carousel horses appear chunky rather than graceful--throughout the book the artist's palette features dark colours, giving the pages a heavy feel.
The white front endpapers are scattered with prints of dog paws in purple, red, blue, and green.