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FROPAFrontal Passage (meteorological)
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It was very windy following the frontal passage, but as soon as the sun started setting and the wind began to lay down, deer filtered out into the cut corn field we were sitting over.
A ridge of high pressure will briefly dominate the search area on Thursday with another frontal passage expected on Friday.
Before, during and after local frontal passage, pilots should be wary of abrupt changes in wind velocity.
Visibility was reduced by blowing snow before the frontal passage and by fog and blowing snow for several hours after the frontal passage.
The combination of cold arctic air mass cntrenched across the region, after a frontal passage on December 23rd, and a strong upper level low moving out of northern Mexico and through south Texas led to the White Christmas.
The temperature doesn't have to drop much after a heavy rain soaks the ground for fog to materialize (though often such a rain could be associated with a frontal passage and brisk wind, which is, of course, fatal to the formation of fog).
Phenomena observed by the radar include cumulus clouds, trade wind showers, deep convective thunderstorms, and a widespread heavy rain event associated with a cold frontal passage.
A few days after a frontal passage offshore, seas begin to settle and hungry fish will chew.
Whether the winds aloft forecast was calling for winds or not is almost irrelevant given the frontal passage and its location being just east of Grant County.
With a low scattered layer situation, such as is typical of Florida, visual avoidance of rain showers is practical and relatively safe (except with a frontal passage or worse, such as a tropical depression).
Baitfish will begin disappearing from the flats with each new frontal passage.