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By decreasing the inter-vehicle distance, the stagnation pressure on the frontal surface drops significantly.
The air along and just above the frontal surface is typically filled with broken to overcast stratocumulus, altocumulus, and cirriform layers.
The width of the frontal surface of several filaments was then measured using a calibrated ocular micrometer.
The OIT was inserted through one of the two notches in the quahog shell until the gill frontal surface and ventral margin could both be visualized (Fig.
Where [rho] is the density of the water and S is the projected frontal surface area of the swimmers.
Conduction velocity (CV) on the frontal surface of ventricles were also measured and compared.
In Case S4, almost the whole frontal surface of the torso was covered by the cooled airflow lower than 22.
As the charge exits the muzzle, air resistance against the large frontal surface area of the insert causes it to quickly slow down, forcing the shot charge outward as it attempts to bypass the obstruction.
The new gear case is designed with a reduced frontal surface to reduce hydrodynamic drag.
Dorsal surface of carapace convex, along antero-posterior axis, smooth, polished, covered by small papillae, regions not differentiated, epigastric lobes semicircular, anteriorly not well delimited, frontal surface flat continuous with surface of protogastric region.
But when the decision is made to cross a front at any time of the year, the best strategy is to minimize the time spent along the frontal surface by crossing it perpendicularly.