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By decreasing the inter-vehicle distance, the stagnation pressure on the frontal surface drops significantly.
The air along and just above the frontal surface is typically filled with broken to overcast stratocumulus, altocumulus, and cirriform layers.
The width of the frontal surface of several filaments was then measured using a calibrated ocular micrometer.
The values of the parameters used in Equation (10) are: [rho] = 1.2 kg/[m.sup.3], [C.sub.x] = 1 and [S.sub.f] = 2.8274 x [10.sup.-5] [m.sup.2] which is the frontal surface of the armature.
The OIT was inserted through one of the two notches in the quahog shell until the gill frontal surface and ventral margin could both be visualized (Fig.
Where [rho] is the density of the water and S is the projected frontal surface area of the swimmers.
The opening period of self-establishment starts at the moment when one of the two opposite location blades gets in to contact with the entrance frontal surface of the detail.
The Mershon and Pachmayr presented a straight frontal surface to the hand.
"If your legs are too low, they will increase your frontal surface area, slowing you down."
It can be seen from this figure that the fouling on the frontal surface is a mix of dust and fibers in non-uniform distribution.
As the charge exits the muzzle, air resistance against the large frontal surface area of the insert causes it to quickly slow down, forcing the shot charge outward as it attempts to bypass the obstruction.