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Ladbrokes business director Mike o'Kane, who is chairman of the bookmakers' committee of the Levy board, said: "The government commissioned the Frontier Economics work, they set the terms of reference and scope of the funding analysis.
The economic value this connectivity brings to the EU [European Union] is at times underappreciated, something that merits attention," said Dan Elliot, founder and director of Frontier Economics.
South Sudan could lose between $22-28 billion if its ongoing conflict continues for the next one to five years, the London based Frontier Economics warned.
Release date- 14012015 - Washington - UPS (NYSE:UPS), a leading global logistics provider and advocate for global trade, applauds the Global Express Association for commissioning an economic study, 'Express Delivery and Trade Facilitation: Impacts on the Global Economy,' and the work of Frontier Economics to show the strong correlation between increases in trade and the evolution of express delivery supply chains.
The report was produced by Europe-based Frontier Economics, Uganda's Center for Conflict Resolution, and South Sudan's Centre for Peace and Development Studies at Juba University.
Political inertia over the need for a third runway at Heathrow, the UK's only hub airport, is increasing ticket prices for air travellers, according to independent research by Frontier Economics.
Private equity investments positively impact on innovation, which in turn can enhance productivity and competitivenes in Europe, indicates a study conducted by Frontier Economics for the European Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (EVCA), published on 29 May.
According to Recent Trends in Global Infrastructure 2013 report by Frontier Economics, the aggregate capital raised by unlisted infrastructure equity funds (operating internationally) was close to USD 200 billion since 2004.
A study by the Frontier Economics consultancy has shown Paris Charles de Gaulle and Germany's Frankfurt have 1,000 more annual flights to the three largest cities in China than Heathrow.
Consequently, the occurrence of loop flows does not constitute a reason for altering the size of bidding areas," said the report -- "Relevance of established bidding areas" -- prepared by Frontier Economics and Consentec.
TRA together with Frontier Economics has been engaged in the design of a transparent, non-discriminatory, competitive and technology neutral award process, building on the results of a spectrum consultation and the development of a public telecommunications spectrum release plan.
Bahrain's telecommunications regulatory authority (TRA) has appointed microeconomics consultancy Frontier Economics to design and manage a suitable competitive process for the licensing of post-third generation (3G) mobile services.
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