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FSNFederal Stock Number
FSNFonds Spécial du Nigéria (French: Nigeria Trust Fund)
FSNFamily Support Network
FSNFonds National pour la Société Numérique (French: National Fund for the Digital Society)
FSNFox Sports Network
FSNFood Safety Network (University of Guelph)
FSNFactory Serial Number (manufacturing tracking number)
FSNFondo Sanitario Nazionale (Italian: National Health Fund)
FSNFree Sites Network
FSNFile System Network
FSNFail Safe Network
FSNForward Sequence Number
FSNForeign Service National
FSNFinancial Sense Newshour (radio show)
FSNFull Service Network
FSNFate/Stay Night (visual novel)
FSNFédération Suisse de Natation (French: Swiss Swimming Federation)
FSNFinancial Safety Net
FSNFederatie Sloeproeien Nederland (Dutch rowing federation)
FSNFédération Suisse des Notaires (French: Swiss Federation of Notaries)
FSNForward Sequence Number (SS7 MTP Layer 2)
FSNFood Service Network (Japan)
FSNFrontul Salvarii Nationale (Romanian: National Rescue Front)
FSNFree Sites Network (domain registrar)
FSNFilter Smoke Number (engine test)
FSNFord Supplier Network
FSNFiscal Station Number
FSNFiber Security Network
FSNFreedom Song Network (San Francisco, CA)
FSNFrench-Speaking Nation
FSNFile Serial Number
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The following candidates were elected Senators: Dumitraccu Gheorghe Frontul Salvarii Nationale, Rahau Nicolae, Frontul Salvarii Nationale, Sabin Ivan, Partidul National Liberal.
Nicolae National Salvation Front 4 Marinescu Dumitru National Salvation Front 5 Dumitrescu loan National Salvation Front 6 Mangiurea Marin-Anton National Salvation Front 7 Turlac loan National Salvation Front 8 National Salvation Front Frontul Salvarii Nationale No.