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FVCForced Vital Capacity (lung function test)
FVCFIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Vex Challenge
FVCFlux Vector Control (various companies)
FVCFrequency-to-Voltage Converter (electrical engineering)
FVCFuture Venture Capital (Japan)
FVCFingerprint Verification Competition (software assessment)
FVCFirst Virtual Communications (Glowpoint)
FVCFamily Violence Center (Springfield, MO)
FVCFilm and Video Center (various organizations)
FVCFurniture Value Chain (Center for International Forestry Research)
FVCForged Vessel Connections (various locations)
FVCFirst Virtual Corporation (now FVC.COM)
FVCForward Voice Channel (Cellular Term)
FVCFinancial Value Chain
FVCFord Volunteer Corps
FVCFinancial Vehicle Corporation
FVCFractures Vertébrales par Compression (French: Vertebral Compression Fractures)
FVCForce Validation Committee
FVCFiltered Vented Containment
FVCFamily Voices Calgary
FVCFrozen Vegetable Council (Burlingame, CA)
FVCField Video Component
FVCFlavio Vieira Costa - Siemens
FVCFully Vested Contribution (retirement plan)
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Please tell us about the program, which I believe was initiated by your organization's Frozen Vegetable Council back in the 1980s.
For efficiency's sake, the activities of the Frozen Vegetable Council in 1997 were rolled-in to AFFI's 5-A-Day Committee.
The Frozen Vegetable Council cites studies to the contrary, however, showing that frozen vegetables contain as much nutritive value as the raw counterparts, which often travel days before reaching retail markets.
based vice president of marketing reported that the Frozen Vegetable Council has been hard at work spreading the word that frozen vegetables contain more Vitamin C than so-called fresh vegetables.
One reason consumers aren't turning to frozen vegetables might be because they are highly misinformed about frozens," said Ben Frega, chairman of the Frozen Vegetable Council (FVC) at a recent press event called Nature's Pantry.