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FRFMFruit fresh mass
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Fruit fresh mass (FM); dehydrated almond mass (PA); number of almonds (NMA) by direct counting, oil percentage on the dehydrated almond (%OA), oil percentage of the dehydrated fruit (%OF).
Crown conduction Fruit fresh mass (g) Fruit diameter (mm) per cultivar per cultivar Eldorado Jubileu Eldorado Jubileu Central Leader 131.01 Ba (*) 141.77 Ab 62.98 Aa 63.27 Ab Y-shape 133.78 Ba 161.64 Aa 63.24 Ba 67.35 Aa Vase 130.52 Ba 141.47 Ab 61.79 Ba 64.17 Ab CV (%) 8.1 2.8 (*) For each variable, means followed by the same uppercase letter in the line and lowercase in column are not statistically different according to Tukey's test (p [menor que o igual a] 0.05); CV: coefficient of variation.