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FOTLFear of the Lord (Christian expression)
FOTLFocus on Teaching and Learning (Loyola University Chicago; Chicago, IL)
FOTLFruit of the Loom (clothing company)
FOTLFeet of the Lynx (gaming)
FOTLFuture of the Left (Welsh Band)
FOTLFriends of the Library
FOTLFat Of The Land (Prodigy music album)
FOTLForms of Old Testament Literature
FOTLfield operations team leader
FOTLFollow On To Lance (Missile System)
FOTLFirestarters of the Land (gaming clan)
FOTLFlat on Top Left (configuration)
FOTLFirst Over the Line
FOTLFriends of the Lake, Inc. (Bridgewater, CT; est. 2003)
FOTLFreeman on the Land
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Fruit of the Loom as part of the agreement will sell its U.
Russell and Fruit of the Loom claimed the factory was "closing for production reasons," feigning this as a way to divide workers and fuel anti-union sentiment.
Witthuhn added that Fruit of the Loom markets its products internationally, with heavy advertising nationally.
When Fruit Of The Loom wound up last year, the then Enterprise Minister Mary Harney declared Donegal a priority area.
The city began working with LS Power and the Arkansas Department of Economic Development in the spring of 2000, Kennemore said, before Fruit of the Loom announced its closing.
In 1992 Fruit of the Loom said the site at Templemore would be opened.
Fruit of the Loom took a different tack - maximizing the value of its surplus assets by packaging properties for uses that would target potential buyers.
That was just enough time for Holley to lose his job, when Fruit of the Loom, his employer of 20 years, closed its Batesville plant, laid off all 850 workers, and moved production offshore.
Fruit of the Loom set up shop in Buncrana five years before Western Europe opened up as a free-trade zone.
Instead, Fruit of the Loom selected a different, man-up orderpicking technology for safe, productive operation at these heights.
The emperor who has no clothes isn't naked, he's wearing Fruit of the Loom white cotton briefs.