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FtsZFilamenting Temperature-Sensitive Mutant Z
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HM363764) with 7 additional genetic loci (ftsZ, nuoG, ribC, rpoB, ssrA, 16S rRNA, and ITS) further confirmed the uniqueness of this strain.
The level of the control ftsZ transcripts remained unchanged throughout the time course for both plain and D-mannose populations.
3F) that was composed of an FtsZ ring (inside) and the PD ring and dynamin rings (outside) through the membranes (Fig.
Minicell formation related to cell division inhibitor genes of ftsZ, minBCD locus causing asymmetrical division at mid-cell leading to cells of different sizes including minicells as well as filaments.
(2007), the bactericidal effect of cinnamaldehyde occurs during cell division when the aggregation reaction of filamentation temperature-sensitive protein Z (FtsZ) decreases and GTP hydrolysis, necessary for FtsZ polymerization, is inhibited.
Usually internode elongation is correlated with cell division and elongation in our study two sequences (M22 and M23) were identified to genes encoding presenilin and cell division protein ftsZ which are involved in the plant growth and cell expansion.
laidlawii PG8A genes (GenBank accession number NC_010163): ftsZ (Ala1F 5'-ggtttttggatttaacgatg-3' Ala1R 5'-gcttccgcctcttttattt-3'); spacer 16S-23S of ribosome operon (A16LF 5'-ggaggaaggtggggatgacgtcaa-3' A23LR 5'-ccttaggagatggtcctcctatcttcaaac-3'); and parC (GenBank accession number NC_010163) (AqF15: 5'-ata cgc aat ggg aca aat g-3'; AqR15: 5'-ggt tct tgt tcc tca tca tca-3').
Curcumin was found to induce bacterial FtsZ assembly and inhibit bacterial cytokinesis and even interrupt quorum sensing (QS) to reduce pathogenicity [13, 24].
In addition, this strain doesn't use the normal mechanism for cell division, in which the key protein in cytokinesis is called FtsZ, a homologue of tubulin, which forms a ring that attracts other proteins.