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sup][9],[10],[11],[12] Core fucosylation (CF), which is catalyzed by a-1,6 fucosyltransferase (Fut8) in mammals,[sup][13] is an important posttranslational glycosylation found to play a crucial role in pathological processes, including emphysema,[sup][14],[15],[16] schizophrenia,[sup][17],[18] and hepatocellular carcinoma.
Sequence and expression of a candidate for the human Secretor blood group a (1,2) fucosyltransferase gene (fut2).
Fucosylation in cancer progression has been best studied in hepatocellular carcinoma, which results in overexpression of the enzyme fucosyltransferase Fut8 (11).
Two a(1,2) fucosyltransferase genes on porcine Chromosome 6p11 are closely linked to the blood group inhibitor (S) and Escherichia coli F18 receptor (ECF18R) loci.
Although intravenous administration of interferon [alpha]/[beta] or interferon [gamma] into GF mice did not effectively induce FT (unpublished data), many cytokines are now considered to be candidates for the role of [alpha](l-2) fucosyltransferase inducer (Goto, Y.
63 * SaV, sapovirus; OR, odds ratio; FUT2, fucosyltransferase gene 2; SNP, single nucleotide polymorphism; SeSe, homozygous wild type at FUT2 428; [Sese.
Persons carrying [greater than or equal to] 1 functional FUT2 allele, and thus expressing [alpha]1,2 fucosyltransferase 2 (FucT-II), are termed secretor positive (secretors), and can express the A and B blood group antigens as well as H-type 1 and Lewis b ([Le.
Fucosyltransferase activities in human pancreatic tissue: comparative study between cancer tissues and established tumoral cell lines.
The FUT1 and FUT2 genes encode fucosyltransferase 1 (FUT1) and 2 (FUT2), respectively (EC 2.
Increased fucosylation of AGP in liver cirrhosis may result from increased fucosyltransferase activity in the liver, as was shown in a study of [alpha]-fetoprotein (27).
These fucose residues are the products of at least four different fucosyltransferases, but it is unlikely that this genetic defect is a fucosyltransferase deficiency.
Molecular cloning of a human genomic region containing the H blood group a1-2 fucosyltransferase gene and two H locus-related DNA restriction fragments.