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For a typical classic work tractor, such as a Farmall or Ford 8N with a 6.5:1 compression ratio, running 6 to 7 pounds of boost, approximately 40 to 50 percent more fuel/air mixture can be induced into the cylinders for a 40- to 50-percent increase in horsepower, and you could expect your 8N to have the power of a Ford Jubilee.
The RDE concept for a detonation combustor consists of a concentric circular-tube annulus, where a premixed fuel/air mixture is injected axially at the annulus entrance.
GAMIjectors address this by sending less fuel to the middle and forward cylinders, in the correct amounts, to result in balanced fuel/air ratios.
Two mechanisms are known to be particularly significant in premixed systems: these are fuel/air ratio oscillations and vortex shedding.
Nano-Jet's proprietary design breaks down the molecular clusters which naturally exist in the fuel into single molecules and polarizes those molecules to enable a more complete combustion of the fuel/air mix.
According to researcher Takunori Taira, the lasers are able to ignite an engine three times faster than spark plugs, and because the beams can be focused precisely at the center of the fuel/air mixture, there is more-efficient combustion.
It is expected that the alternative is likely to involve using laser beams to ignite the fuel/air mixture inside the engine.
In an ideal world, the inlet valve would be able to allow a large amount of fuel/air mixture in very rapidly at high engine speeds when full power is required, and much smaller amounts at lower speeds or part throttle settings.