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FARFederal Acquisition Regulation
FARFlorida Association of Realtors
FARFunction(al) Area Requirement
FARFargo (Amtrak station code; Fargo, ND)
FARFarsi (language)
FARFederal Aviation Regulation
FARFloor Area Ratio
FARFind and Replace (software)
FARFalse Acceptance Rate (biometrics)
FARFuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias (Spanish: Revolutionary Armed Forces; Argentina)
FARFree After Rebate
FARFile Archiver
FARFalse Alarm Rate
FARForum Alpine Renault (France)
FARFondazione Antonio Ratti (Italian: Antonio Ratti Foundation)
FARFernie Alpine Resort (Canada)
FARFinancially at Risk
FARFaculty Annual Report (various schools)
FARFaculty Athletics Representative (various universities)
FARFalse Acceptance Rate
FARFailure Analysis Report
FARFederal Acquisition Regulations
FARForces Armees Rwandaises (Armed Forces of Rwanda)
FARForces Armees Royales (Maroc-Morocco-Al maghrib)
FARFatal Accident Rate
FARFinancial Accounting & Reporting
FARFirst Ancestral Race (Evangelion)
FARFuel-to-Air Ratio
FARFalse Alarm Ratio (weather forecasting)
FARFixed Asset Register
FARFailure Analysis Request
FARFirm Access Rights (California)
FARForce d'Action Rapide (French: Rapid Action Force)
FARFaculty Activity Report (various universities)
FARFonds Audiovisuel de Recherche (French: Audiovisual Fund Research)
FARFederal Air Regulation
FARFinal Acceptance Review (space travel)
FARFailure Analysis Report (seimconductors)
FARFarandole Composer (digital music file format)
FARFiches d'Aide au Repérage (French: Assistance Identification Cards; cancer)
FARFoundation for Amateur Radio
FARFellowship for African Relief (Khartoum, Sudan)
FARFully Articulated Rotor
FARFederation Action for the Republic (Chad)
FARFirst Article Report
FARForm'action André Renard (French: André Renard Association; Belgium)
FARFlight Acceptance Review
FARFaculty Awards for Research
FARFrequency Agile Radar
FARFriends of Amateur Rocketry, Inc. (Long Beach, CA)
FARFeasibility Assessment Report
FARFixed Asset Ratio
FARFédération des Associations Régionales (French: Federation of Regional Associations)
FARFixed Alternative Routing
FARFixed Annual Remuneration
FARFédération des Radios Associatives de la Réunion (French: Associatve Federation of Radio Reunion)
FARFace-Aware Routing
FARForces pour l'Action Republicaine (Comoros)
FARFacility Request Message
FARFargo, ND, USA - Hector Airport (Airport Code)
FARField Alert Report
FARFunctional Analysis Review
FARForum Africain pour la Reconstruction (political party, Gabon)
FARFerme Autogérée de la Roya (French farming collective)
FARFormateur Associé Référent (French: Associate Referee Trainer)
FARFixed Array Radar
FARFuerzas de Accion Rapida (Spanish Military Special Forces)
FARFirst Article Review
FARFunctional Area Representative (CMMI Assessment)
FARfixed annual reward
FARForward Acquisition Radar
FARField Assessment Review
FARFund for Armenian Relief, Inc. (New York, NY)
FARField Action Request
FARFoundation for Alcoholism Research
FARFlat-Assed Rules
FARFinancial Accuracy Rate
FARFrequency Adjunct Radar
FARFlandres Auto Rétro (French automobile club)
FARFile Attribute Record
FARFabbrica Avvolgibili Roma (Italian)
FARFilter, Air Replaceable
FARFuture Attack Rotorcraft
FARFisheries and Aquaculture Research Program
FARFull Attention Rating
FARFunding Acquisition Request
FARFleet Anomaly Report (Tomahawk)
FARFederal Acquisition Review/Report
FARFund Availability Report
FARFixed Asset Request
FARFond d'Aide Rapide (French: Urgent Help Fund; est. 1998)
FARFun, Arts, Recreation (Birmingham, MI)
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It's my understanding that by doing this matching, the power produced by each cylinder differs slightly among the cylinders on an engine, but the fuel-to-air ratio is made equal.
This parameter is a function of the fuel composition, the fuel-to-air ratio, the pressure, and the mixture temperature.
The fuel-to-air ratio changes with the engine load, as described earlier.
Electronically adjusted fuel-to-air ratio reduces exhaust smoke emissions
These components provide full control of the fuel-to-air ratio, which determines flame temperature.
Although stability limits for sustained combustion with respect to fuel-to-air ratio are wide, these limits are narrower for ignition.
IN gasoline engines, the catalytic converter transforms hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen oxides by operating the engine in a narrow band around a stoichiometric fuel-to-air ratio (i.e., 14.7:1) to achieve nearly complete combustion.
For example, the engine is designed with an offset crankshaft to help improve fuel economy and an exhaust manifold cast into the cylinder head so that the temperature of the exhaust gas is lowered, thereby allowing operating in a wider rpm band with optimum fuel-to-air ratios. While many new engines are based on aluminum blocks, the 1.0-liter features a castiron block.
Both combustion chambers can be operated at substantially lower fuel-to-air ratios than a single chamber, which enables the use of conventional metallic components and increased turbine life by as much as three orders of magnitude!
Hydrogen holds the world record for burning faster than fossil fuels and in leaner fuel-to-air ratios. These characteristics, combined with direct injection of hydrogen into the combustion chambers of piston engines, enable new thermal efficiency records to be established for most engine types.
For example, boiler burner adjustments or retrofits may be necessary to accommodate the lower Btu value of landfill gas, and systems which automatically adjust fuel-to-air ratios may be necessary.
Hydrogen holds the world's record for burning faster than any other fuel and at leaner (lower) fuel-to-air ratios than the ratios for hydrocarbon fuels.