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FUGAZIFouled Up, Got Ambushed, Zipped In (British military slang)
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Regarding the barong tagalog on the cover, Burd waxed poetic about an influential album from his youth, Fugazi's sixth and final album, The Argument.
But the movement's biggest band, Fugazi, emerged just afterward.
Buffalo's gay scene is centered in Allentown and Elmwood Village (the "Fruit Loop"), home to the Pride Center of Western New York and several friendly gay spots, like the martini bar Fugazi, and Cathode Ray, a funky neighborhood hangout.
RIGHT this very moment I am wearing black velvet overalls, a grey Fugazi band T-shirt and my black Yeezys shoes.
RIGHT this very moment, I am wearing black velvet overalls, a grey Fugazi band T-shirt and my black Yeezys shoes.
The three-piece band - composed of Aaron Anderberg on bass, Chris Henderson on guitar and vocals and Cory Mason Phipps on percussion - draws on such influences as the Minutemen, Fugazi, At the Drive-In, the Hives and the Gossip to create its own unique sound.
Each author profiles a different artist (or two): Fugazi and The Clash, Peter Gabriel, Bob Dylan, Bruce Cockburn, Billy Bragg, Sinead O'Connor, Steve Earle, Kim Gordon, Ani DiFranco, Pearl Jam, and Rage Against the Machine.
The initiative, backed by Central Holidays Tour, a US-based tour operator specializing in travel throughout Europe and the Mediterranean since 1972, has already attracted the interest of about 20 Northern California-based tour agencies, including Frosh Travel, Fugazi Travel, Gateway to the World, Dimension in Travel, and Figone Travel.
In a memorable cameo, he schools Leonardo DiCaprio's Jordan Belfort on the ways of finance: It's ''a fugazi -- fairy dust'' he says.
It was back in the musical mists of 1983 and the then-fledgling prog rockers had decamped to the remote Mountain Studios in Gwynedd to write their second album Fugazi. although the stay at the rural retreat proved to be a lot less productive than anticipated.
Like Wavves, if they spent less time on the beach looking aloof and took their musical sensibilities from the likes of Fugazi and Grandaddy instead.
Like Fugazi, the greatest working-man's rock act this side of the E Street Band, they had a strong DIY ethic.