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FATOFixed Asset Turn Over (finance; Indonesia)
FATOFédération Africaine des Techniciens Orthoprothésistes (French: African Federation of Orthopaedic Technicians)
FATOForever Annihilating the Obese (band)
FATOFinal Approach and Takeoff area (aviation)
FATOFull Authority to Operate (US DoD)
FATOFinal Approval to Operate
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The board will also have full authority to operate pension funds and employees welfare funds cooperation .
"General Kelly has the full authority to operate within the White House, and all staff will report to him," she said.
For FY 2006, OSD issued new requirements for reaching and sustaining 90 percent or greater full accreditation for systems and networks, referred to as full Authority to Operate (ATO) status.
The current build of JNMS (Build 1.3.x) received its "generic" type accreditation and full authority to operate by the program's DAA, PEO-C3T, in May 2005.