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In support of a full duplex system, achieving the highest efficiency and the SI signal must be at the noise level of the receiver.
Unlike most previous devices, ExpandOR allows full duplex audio/video communication
CableLabs[R], the innovation lab for the secure delivery of high speed data, video, voice and next generation services, has completed its Full Duplex DOCSIS[R] 3.1 specification which significantly increases upstream capacity and enables symmetric multi-Gigabit services over existing hybrid fiber-coaxial (HFC) technology, the company said.
Terabeam's GigE Gigalink is the first radio frequency (RF) product certified by the FCC that provides full duplex Gigabit line rates.
The Ethernet option provides selectable data rates of 25-, 50- and 100-Mbps of full duplex, or 50-, 100- and 200-Mbps aggregate throughput; while the OC-3 option delivers 155-Mbps full-duplex or 310-Mbps aggregate throughput.
The 86 Series of short haul modems provides full duplex data communcations on a single pair of wires, or a single coaxial cable.
Full duplex, which permits simultaneous transmission and reception, motivates a fundamental rethinking of the ways wireless networks are designed and optimised.
LightPointe's AireLink 80 10Gig system requires only one radio on each side of the link to achieve 10 Gbps full duplex data throughput.
The full duplex bidirectional data channel is fully compatible with EIA standards RS-232, RS422, and RS-485 as configured by the user independently on each end.
The switch automatically negotiates network bandwidth up to 200 Mbps per port (full duplex mode).
Some typical applications are for wireless, full duplex links to remote LAN nodes, reliable digital communications channels in industrial areas with high EMI noise levels or in complex geographical or urban landscapes where the expense of installing new cable is prohibitive.
The Model 93 provides full duplex synchronous serial data communication from 150 to 19,200 baud using a Manchester Encoded self-clocking signal.
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