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FEVFévrier (French: February)
FEVForced Expiratory Volume (lung capacity test)
FEVFederación Española del Vino (Spanish: Spanish Wine Federation)
FEVFuture Electric Vehicle
FEVFar End Voice
FEVFédération des Étudiants de Valenciennes (French: Students Federation of Valenciennes; Valenciennes, France)
FEVFinca Esperanza Verde (tourism project; Nicaragua)
FEVFédération Évangélique Vaudoise (Swiss Evangelican federation)
FEVFull Electric Vehicle (cars)
FEVForced Evolutionary Virus (game)
FEVFlesh-Eating Virus
FEVFrench Enamel Varnish
FEVFibrosing Mediastinitis, Effusion, Vasculitis
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Challenging Chinese markets, persistent weakness in diesel car sales in Europe and Britain, and the business shift towards electrification, hybrid and full electric vehicle options to support the overall model line-up will require continued significant investments, pressuring JLR's free cash flow generation.
President Atsushi Najima has expressed confidence on the future of Leaf, Nissan's full electric vehicle model that is set for local introduction in 2020, even as they are still working with government for the crafting of policies for e-vehicles.
This is the Kia e-Niro, a full electric vehicle that shares a very similar EV powertrain to the Hyundai Kona which we tested recently.
Auto Business News-October 13, 2017--Audi South Africa to launch full electric vehicle
The employed controller is suited to a full electric vehicle equipped with individual in-wheel electric motors (IWM) and an electrohydraulic brake system (EHB) that cooperate to perform braking actions.
The research was extended towards full electric vehicle architecture.
The concept is the second full electric vehicle produced by the Morgan Motor Company following in the wake of the Plus E.
The Tata Motors portfolio already includes a full electric vehicle, the Tata Indica Vista Electric Vehicle, and CNG-electric hybrid buses.
The full electric vehicle is perhaps the oldest of the green automobile engine technologies, as inventors were seriously tinkering with it as far back as the 19th century.
Renault, which was the first to introduce a full electric vehicle (EV) in the Middle East, is delivering this time the Renault Zoe long range model which boasts a 40 battery - 41kWh unit power source extending the driving range of the EV to record 300 km on a single charge.
Its first car was the Zinoro 1E, a full electric vehicle based on the previous generation BMW X1.