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In affirming the Fifth District, the Florida Supreme Court disapproved the decision of the Fourth District in M.S.--to the extent that it applied comity principles to an out-of-state visitation, order rather than the full faith and credit clause.
Consequently, in Cowen's view, if the High Court were correct in Merwin Pastoral that the full faith and credit clause prevented an Australian state court from using forum law to prevent the admission of the laws of another state on the ground of public policy, the same outcome should also be reached in the case of the second part of Phillips v Eyre inasmuch as it also gave undue preference to forum law.
222, 232-33 (1998) ("The Full Faith and Credit Clause does not compel 'a state to substitute the statutes of other states for its own statutes dealing with a subject matter concerning which it is competent to legislate.'" (citing Pac.
information relevant to the Full Faith and Credit Clause has been
According to the court, the plaintiff's mistaken approach to the Full Faith and Credit Clause would allow one state to effectively create national policy.
In his decision, Judge Moody correctly held: "The Supreme Court has clearly established that the Full Faith and Credit Clause does not require a State to apply another State's law in violation of its own legitimate public policy.
Part IV addresses and refutes the strongest argument for the Musgrave Amendment: that the Full Faith and Credit Clause of the Constitution could allow one state's legalization to effectively force same-sex marriage on the other forty-nine.
The Full Faith and Credit Clause, as a means by which Congress may effectively aid states in extraterritorial regulation, simply does not apply to the scheme proposed in the CCPA.
Perhaps even more disturbing is the portent of the Act if allowed to stand: the asserted ability of Congress tN restrict the scope of the Full Faith and Credit Clause through legislation.
Constitution.(7) Under the full faith and credit clause, states are seemingly required to honor the public acts of other states, such as marriages.
Furthermore, the Supreme Court repeatedly has interpreted the Full Faith and Credit clause to allow Congress to limit the effect of state laws on other states.