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FRVFonds de Revenu Viager
FRVFamily Recreational Vehicle
FRVFull Replacement Value
FRVFair Rental Value
FRVFrance Robinetterie Valves (French valve company)
FRVFox River Valley (Aurora, IL)
FRVFamily Recreational Vehicle (Honda)
FRVFrench Riviera
FRVFrente Radical Verdiblanco (Spanish: Radical Green-White Front; soccer fan group; Colombia)
FRVFeline Rhinotracheitis Virus
FRVForced Respiratory Volume (pulmonary measure)
FRVFile Reference Variable (computer programming)
FRVFrequency Resonance Vibration
FRVFinal Rendezvous
FRVFederatia Romana de Volei (Romanian Volleyball Federation)
FRVFunctional Residual Volume
FRVFeedwater Regulating Valve
FRVFederally Reportable Violations
FRVFaith Victory Association
FRVFirst Rule Violation
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Army claims offices are currently prohibited from paying full replacement value. (71) However, a new statute, 10 U.S.C.
The full replacement value should be the cost to rebuild, using material of like kind and quality and a builder with the same skill as the original, enough to upgrade the building to the current codes, and taking into consideration the extra costs of building after a casualty or after a catastrophe.
the servicing agent informed The Cabot Group that it needed to increase the coverage to full replacement value. The maximum coverage available under the NFIP is $250.000 per policy.
This is the "replacement cost" and includes the full replacement value, comprising of building costs ( not simply the purchase price.
In a related development, the diocese of the Arctic's executive committee has decided that all its parish buildings and contents must be insured "for full replacement value," after learning from its experience with St.
Insurance coverage for wind-related damage will provide for full replacement value, but the archdiocese, which also operates 104 schools, only has about $14 million in flood insurance.
FULL replacement value for lost or damaged items is among several changes to take effect in October as part of a new program called Families First.
Designed to meet the legal and commercial requirements of both wine merchants and private clients, Octavian provides wine insurance, all risks, to full replacement value; individual labeling of cases to identify beneficial owners; physical separation of customer reserves from corporate stocks; fulfillment of administrative requirements for UK Customs & Excise; duty and VAT (Value Added Tax) deferment until wine is withdrawn from cellars; continuous inventory audits by bottle, case or pallet using sophisticated stock management systems and yearly computerized stock reports.
Insurance to value is a property insurance underwriting concept, which focuses on insuring your camp buildings and other real property at their full replacement value.
The company even guarantees pick-up and delivery dates, moving costs and insurance for full replacement value should damage occur.
Your daughter might find it could pay to take out her own policy, to make sure that she'd get full replacement value for expensive items like her computer.
But new-for-old cover ensures you get the full replacement value if it is stolen or written off.