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FSWFederal Skilled Worker (various locations)
FSWFonds Soziales Wien (German: Vienna Social Fund; Vienna, Austria)
FSWFriction Stir Welding
FSWFuji Speedway (Taiwan)
FSWFlight Software
FSWFamily Services of Westchester (Yorkers, NY)
FSWFood Service Worker
FSWFile System Watcher
FSWFree Software
FSWFull Spectrum Warrior (video game)
FSWFaculteit Sociale Wetenschappen (Dutch: Faculty of Social Sciences)
FSWFaculty of Social Work (various universities)
FSWFile Share Witness
FSWFemale Sex Worker
FSWFamily Support Worker
FSWForward Swept Wing (aviation)
FSWFeet of Seawater (diving)
FSWFox Sports World (cable TV channel)
FSWFreestyle-Wave (windsurfing board category)
FSWFat Spanish Waiter
FSWFull-Stripe Write (disks)
FSWFood Service Warehouse
FSWFiltered Sea Water
FSWFacilitation Skills Workshop (various locations)
FSWFederated Social Web (social networking)
FSWFantasy Sports Wire
FSWFlute Society of Washington (Manassas, VA)
FSWFederal Screw Works (St. Clair Shores, MI automotive fastener supplier)
FSWFamily Services Working (to Strengthen our Communities; Bridgeport, CT)
FSWFlight Sim World (gaming)
FSWFaso Airways - Burkina Faso (ICAO code)
FSWFemale Socket Weld
FSWFoothill Symphonic Winds (Palo Alto, CA)
FSWFire Team Support Weapon
FSWFletcher Sutcliffe Wild Ltd. (UK)
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Players can also buy the Darksiders franchise pack, including "Darksiders 2: Deathinitive Edition," "Darksiders 2: Deathinitive Edition" soundtrack and "Darksiders Warmastered Edition" for around $9.98, and a nine-game pack, including "Darksiders 2: Deathinitive Edition," "Darksiders Warmastered Edition," "Frontlines: Fuel of War," "Full Spectrum Warrior," "Full Spectrum Warrior: Ten Hammers," "MX vs ATV Reflex," "Red Faction Guerilla Steam Edition," "Red Faction: Armageddon" and "Titan Quest Anniversary Edition" for around $25.39 from the (http://store.steampowered.com/app/462780/) website .
This has led to the creation of a "Virtual Iraq/Afghanistan" exposure therapy system (originally inspired from an Xbox combat tactical video game, Full Spectrum Warrior) designed to treat veterans and wounded warriors with PTSD.
The initial prototype of Virtual Iraq was constructed by recycling art originally designed for the Xbox and the Army-funded combat tactical simulation trainer "Full Spectrum Warrior."
Perhaps the problem is how to wage war in contemporary global conflicts (Full Spectrum Warrior), sneak past enemies (Metal Gear Solid), manage a city (SimCity) or a civilization (Civilization), or clean house and keep a family happy when you are a four-inch robot (Chibi-Robo).
The Army cooperated with Sony Pictures Imageworks game developer Pandemic Studios on "Full Spectrum Warrior," investing $4 million.
For example, Quinn Dunki (Pandemic Studios, makers of games like Full Spectrum Warrior) talked about real-time pathfinding in a dynamically changing environment (her title was "Streaming, Open-World Pathfinding').
The court began by rejecting an argument that the California law was impermissibly vague in its definition of what constitutes a "violent video game." It reached this conclusion in part because in applying the definition provided it was able to ascertain that Postal II (which involves a character who has "gone postal" and decided to kill everyone he encounters) would fall within the definition, but Full Spectrum Warrior (which depicts army combat in an Afghanistan-like urban environment) would not.
"Full Spectrum Warrior," a new video game set in an apparently Arab city, teaches how to kill the enemy.
Created by Pandemic, Sony Imageworks and the Institute for Creative Technologies, "Full Spectrum Warrior" is a squad-based training game that runs on the Microsoft X-Box.
However, keep in mind that a game such as Full Spectrum Warrior is a game when I buy it off the rack, but it is a serious learning tool when a soldier "plays" the professional-training version.
A FIRST-PERSON, squadbased, real-time strategy isn't your everyday game genre, and when Full Spectrum Warrior was first released on the Xbox around a year ago, it blew gamers away.
A first-person, squad-based, real-time strategy isn't your everyday game genre, and when Full Spectrum Warrior was first released on the Xbox about a year ago, it blew gamers away.