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The band gap obtained from both circuit model and full wave Eigen mode solver are listed in Table II
The full wave control with the designed switching period equal to 320 ms will have an impact to the low voltage fluctuations and the flicker [3], [4], while the phase control will have an impact to harmonic current emission [5] and should be considered as the unbalanced three-phase equipment.
*Fluorescent wet by full wave direct current (FWD) in a horizontal bench unit.
Good agreement between circuit simulation and full wave simulation is obtained.
Numerical results are consistent with full wave computations, confirming the robustness of the proposed approach.
By reason of symmetry, the voltages at the extremities of the wire determined with the full wave simulation and from the hybrid method developed shown in Table 1 present the same values V(0) = V(L).
DARMSTADT, GERMANY -- Computer Simulation Technology (cst.com) and Cadence (cadence.com) have signed a joint marketing agreement covering layout and 3D full wave simulation tools.
The book's last chapter presents a homogeneous derivation of the PEEC theory, a numerical method which is suitable for establishing full wave models of 3D electrical interconnection structures of arbitrary geometry.
This device is said to be the first surface mount 5 A, 40 V full wave bridge rectifier with a low [V.sub.F] of 0.37 V and an [I.sub.R] of 40 [micro]A.
* A center-tapped secondary used for creating positive and negative outputs to drive a full wave bridge rectifier, ground in the center, positive on one side, negative on the other, or could be used as a half wave output providing either a positive or negative voltage.
Measuring 4" x 5" x 12", unit has 1/2 wave reach of 12mm and full wave reach of 115mm.
Includes up to four mini-wave nozzles; a full wave up to 457 mm can be installed.