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FOHFront Of House
FOHFull of Harmony (band)
FOHFlow of History (education)
FOHFrederick's of Hollywood (lingerie retailer; various locations)
FOHFaculty of Health (various locations)
FOHFront of House Engineer
FOHFederal Occupational Health
FOHFires of Heaven (Everquest Guild, Veeshan Server)
FOHFriends of Hillary (Hillary Clinton)
FOHField Operations Handbook
FOHFirst-Order Hold
FOHForce of Habit (band)
FOHForsvarets Operative Hovedkvarter (Norwegian: Armed Forces Headquarters)
FOHFixed Overhead
FOHFuel Operated Heater (General Motors van models)
FOHFist of Heavens (Diablo and Legion of Doom Expansion pack)
FOHFriends of Hudson (conservation group)
FOHFunctional Ovarian Hyperandrogenism
FOHFor Our Hero (band)
FOHFacteurs Organisationnels et Humains (French: Organizational and Human Factors)
FOHFriend(s) of Hillary (Rodman Clinton)
FOHFrames On Hand (S&S Furniture)
FOHFactory Over Head
FOHFoundations on the Hill (Washington, DC)
FOHFace of Harvest (Rancho Cucamonga, CA)
FOHFlint Odyssey House (Michigan)
FOHFriends of Horses Rescue and Adoption (Centennial, CO)
References in classic literature ?
Diligence and attention soon gave him the knack of it, and he strode down the street with his mouth full of harmony and his soul full of gratitude.
A poet would have stood there long, plunged in a melancholy reverie, admiring this disorder so full of harmony, this destruction which was not without its grace.
In a short statement he read on Monday evening, the TMC spokesperson Shams al-Din Kabbashi stressed that their efforts aimed at creating "a political environment full of harmony and transcendence" to empower the country to break the cycle of failure.
I hope to make Taiwanese society full of harmony and smooth dialogue while reducing conflict and confrontation.'
It could be an emotional and energised night for those who understand the power of dance, and a night full of harmony and melody for all of us.
This is something that will change the lives of many who want to learn the tricks for a better life full of harmony and love for all and lead to a change that will achieve all the dreams and goals one has.
All colours in the society, he said, are due to humanism and togetherness and through Cholistan Awards we are trying to gather these colours to make a bouquet of life full of harmony peace and tolerance which ensures all round progress.
As we approach the general election, I am sure that opposition parties can expect the reappearance of the "monthly" Conservative In Touch leaflets, of which we have seen just one in the past 12 months in my ward (and that did not feature the councillors at all) and which, it would seem, will now be full of harmony, olive branches and, of course, no photos.
And the fact that a four-man front-line was playing from specially-tailored arrangements full of harmony, counterpoint and riffing meant that the absence of harmonic support from a keyboard was rarely an issue.
The evolution of Sauerbruch Hutton appears as a continuous process without any drama but full of harmony and equipoise.
These paintings are simple in composition and full of harmony, overall balance and peace.