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FDRFranklin Delano Roosevelt
FDRFoncière des Régions (French real estate investment trust company)
FDRFlight Data Recorder
FDRFalse Discovery Rate
FDRFixed Deposit Reciept
FDRForum Deutsches Recht (German: German Law Forum)
FDRFormal Dining Room
FDRFreedom Debt Relief (consumer finance)
FDRFahr Dynamik Regelung
FDRFull-Depth Reclamation (road resurfacing procedure)
FDRFondo di Rotazione (Italian: Revolving Fund)
FDRFull Dress Rehearsal (various organizations)
FDRFull Dress Rehearsal (performance)
FDRFinal Design Review
FDRFirst Degree Relative
FDRFrequency Domain Reflectometry
FDRFrente Democrático Revolucionario (Spanish: Democratic Revolutionary Front)
FDRFull-Depth Repair (pavement restoration technique)
FDRFirst Data Resources
FDRFirst Tier, Downstream or Related Entity (healthcare compliance)
FDRFlood Damage Reduction
FDRFlow Data Record
FDRFederal Dispute Resolution
FDRFinal Drive Ratio (automotive)
FDRFull Disclosure Report
FDRFront Desk Representative (various organizations)
FDRFranklyn D. Resorts (Jamaica)
FDRFace Down Records
FDRFlood Damage Rehabilitation (various organizations)
FDRFrequency Directed Run-Length
FDRForeign Disaster Relief
FDRFranklin Delano Romanowski (Seinfeld character)
FDRFraudulent Document Recognition (various organizations)
FDRFirearm Discharge Residue (forensic science)
FDRFailure Divergence Refinement
FDRFree Domain Radio (website)
FDRFlorida Department of Revenue (also seen as FDOR)
FDRFuture Digital Radio
FDRFlight Deck Resources (aviation; Irvine, CA)
FDRField Data Replicator (Vibration Research Corporation)
FDRFault Detection Rate
FDRFormal Design Review
FDRFinnish Depositary Receipt
FDRField Data Report
FDRFloating Drilling Rig
FDRFarnam Defensive Rifle
FDRFirst Day Return
FDRFuture Data Radio
FDRFailure Discrepancy Report
FDRFlight Data Review
FDRForce Distribution Report
FDRFunctional Design Requirement
FDRFast Dump and Restore (Innovation product)
FDRFrequency Dynamic Range
FDRFixed Directory Routing
FDRFrequency Domain Refractometer
FDRForward Door Relay
FDRForce Development Requirements
FDRFire Discharge Residual (firearms)
FDRFull-Duplex Relaying
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Crews will perform a full-depth reclamation where they will pulverize the existing pavement and base, add cement to the mixture, reapply it and resurface the road.
"Further, the tool includes other cement-based materials like roller-compacted concrete, cement-treated base and full-depth reclamation with cement."
Maintaining a road costs one-fifth as much as must be spent if a road fails and must be replaced, a process known as full-depth reclamation.
Also known as asphalt pulverization, full-depth reclamation is a construction rehabilitation technique of removing the distressed layer of existing asphalt, blending it with the existing stone base, and creating a recycled usable base for the new asphalt.
After analysis and learning of recent successful stabilizing projects using fly ash, the county chose to reconstruct 1 mile of CTH S using a full-depth reclamation process, stabilizing with Class "C" fly ash.
Although the use of the full-depth reclamation process has nothing to do with utility replacement, the decision to use one form of construction over another did include the costs of each alternative.
In response, the expected end products of this project include a full-depth reclamation (FDR) mix design specification to AASHTO (via the Maine DOT).
Approximately 41 percent of those projects will require an extensive process called full-depth reclamation. The contracted cost works out to just over $369,000 per mile, including paving, curb and gutter work, repairs and striping.
He has promoted the use of full-depth reclamation of pavements with cement as well as the use of ready mixed concrete for parking lots and related flat work.
For 14 years, he served as an advocate for full-depth reclamation and other recycling techniques and the district engineer administrator for 10 years.
This summer, for example, we used a process called full-depth reclamation to recycle the broken-up asphalt in Riverview Avenue into a smooth roadway.
Many engineers and public works officials are turning to a process called full-depth reclamation (FDR) with cement for a quality stabilized pavement base.