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Related, full-time kindergarten should be explored by the district and, if this would be approved, more classroom space, educators, and professional development for full-time kindergarten teachers would be needed to effectively orchestrate this program.
Sander believed full-time kindergarten could improve results.
With their daughter in the fourth grade and son set to enter full-time kindergarten next fall, the Wagners sat down this spring to talk about the future.
Other suggestions from the group included a more intense focus on math skills for all students, full-time kindergarten, expansion of charter schools and a renewed focus on so-called "soft skills," giving students a chance to learn how to successfully operate in a professional work environment.
The additional funding will employ a full-time kindergarten assistant to support the early childhood teacher, freeing the teacher up to spend more quality face-to-face teaching time with young patients.
Austin said that her son started full-time kindergarten last fall at Leicester Primary School but she noticed he wasn't acting like himself.
The three school boards concerned, having set up full-time kindergarten programs for four-year-olds, had indeed acted on the provisions of Bill 23.
The school superintendent in Lancaster, PA, told The New York Times that he had to cut 15 of the district's 20 librarian positions in order to save the full-time kindergarten program.
Kui-whai's full-time kindergarten was first established under this project funding.
What began as an after-school program evolved into a full-time kindergarten program with four classes and 97 students.
The state won't regret funding full-time kindergarten, said Don Kordosky, superintendent of the Oakridge School District, which adopted full-time kindergarten at the district's only elementary school in 2008.
He was the second-longest-serving superintendent in the district's history, and over the course of his tenure, he brought the two communities together, helped the district through its fiscal problems, stabilized Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System scores and instituted full-time Kindergarten and preschool programs.