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FWAFair Work Australia (est. 1999)
FWAFavourite Website Awards
FWAFederal Wide Assurance
FWAFixed Wireless Access
FWAFinancial Women's Association (of New York)
FWAFrontier Wrestling Alliance (UK)
FWAFootball Writers' Association
FWAFashion Week of the Americas (Miami, FL)
FWAFixed Wing Aircraft
FWAFresh Water Allowance (ships)
FWAFédération Wallonne de l'agriculture (French: Walloon Federation of Agriculture; Belgium)
FWAFlexible Work Arrangement
FWAFluorescent Whitening Agent
FWAFederalwide Assurance for the Protection of Human Subjects (US DHHS)
FWAFront Wheel Assist (agricultural tractors)
FWAFederal Works Agency (US government)
FWAFraud, Waste & Abuse
FWAFamily Welfare Assistant (Bangladesh)
FWAFree Wales Army
FWAFurry Weekend Atlanta
FWAFort Wayne, IN, USA - Baer Field (Airport Code)
FWAFlow Weighted Average (oil and gas metering)
FWAFlying While Arab (racial profiling)
FWAFantasy Wrestling Association
FWAFlorida Writers Association, Inc.
FWAForced Warm Air (furnace)
FWAFull-Wave Analysis
FWAFiltered Warnings Application
FWAFlight Watch Area
FWAFarm Workers of America
FWAFlorida Watermelon Association
FWAFloyd-Warshall Algorithm
FWAFirst Wavelength Available
FWAFloating Wire Antenna
FWAFolded-Wire Antenna
FWAFarm Women's Association
FWAField Work Authorization (various organizations)
FWAFerebee, Walters and Associates (Charlotte, NC)
FWAFamicom Wrestling Association (Nintendo Entertainment System and Famicom Disk System; video game wrestling organization)
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The calculated results generated by the proposed formulas are in excellent agreement with those results obtained by full-wave analysis and experimental data.
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Kuchler [4] with a full-wave analysis, and then by others with quasi-static [5,6] or full-wave methods.
In that cases the full-wave analysis is used to verify if the solution meets design specifications.
This article has presented a 3D full-wave analysis of a microwave DRF in a rectangular metallic enclosure.
The periodicity of the resistive FSS is chosen to be commensurate with the periodicity of the metallic FSS (the ratio of the periods is a rational number) both for practical issues and for allowing the full-wave analysis of the multilayer structure by means of periodic boundary conditions.
This configuration can be analyzed using full-wave analysis and reciprocity techniques.
In order to study of wave propagation and electromagnetic scattering from inhomogeneous non-chiral media, several approaches have been presented such as Richmond method [36, 37], solving Riccati equation [38], full-wave analysis [39-41], rigorous full vectorial analysis [42], finite difference method [43], using of Taylor's series expansion [44], using of Fourier series expansion [45], method of moments [46], equivalent source method [47], and cascading thin linear layers method [48].
Kuchler[2] with a full-wave analysis, and then by others with quasistatic[3,4]or full-wave methods.[5] Assuming that complementary lines give equal phase speed for a signal, I.J.