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FBCFFormation Brute de Capital Fixe (French: Gross Fixed Capital Formation)
FBCFFully Burdened Cost of Fuel (US DoD)
FBCFFour Bands Community Fund (Rapid City, SD)
FBCFFirst Baptist Church Friendswood (Friendswood, TX)
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110-417 of October 14, 2008) defines the fully burdened cost of fuel as "the commodity price for fuel plus the total cost of all personnel and assets required to move and, when necessary, protect the fuel from the point at which the fuel is received from the commercial supplier to the point of use.
33) Calculating the fully burdened cost of fuel requires adding these other costs to DLA-E's set fuel price.
The fully burdened cost of fuel varies widely, depending on where and under what circumstances fuel is used.
Officials from DiPetto's office have been working with the joint staff on specific guidelines to enforce not just the energy KPP but also a consistent method to measure the fully burdened cost of fuel.
Short acknowledged that measuring the fully burdened cost of fuel is going to be frustrating because there are so many variables to take into account.
In theater, at the fully burdened cost of fuel, it would probably have been paid back in months (29) -- faster if credited for avoided casualties and enhanced combat capability.
Our fuel bill is huge, and it's even worse than you might suspect because if you start to factor in the fully burdened cost of fuel, it's not just the price of the gallon of fuel, but also the cost of the infrastructure necessary to get that gallon of fuel into, say, a tanker and out the boom into a fighter aircraft over the Pacific.
See related story) Pentagon officials are trying to implement a requirement for the fully burdened cost of fuel for acquisition programs, said Christopher DiPetto, director of developmental testing in the office of the under secretary of defense for acquisition, technology and logistics.
But if the fully burdened cost of fuel is a factor in evaluating the competitors, then that engine might win, despite the higher up-front cost.
The fully burdened cost of fuel is between five and 50 times greater than the retail price.
The primary metrics encompass the inclusion of energy efficiency as a key performance parameter (KPP) in the acquisition process and the use of the fully burdened cost of fuel (FBCF) to determine baseline and continuing costs so that saved fuel is more highly valued in the trade space.
In one example, using helicopters to fly bladders filled with fuel to troops several hundred kilometers inland, the fully burdened cost of fuel was estimated to be as much as $400 per gallon.
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