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FIJAFully Informed Jury Association
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More information on jury nullification can be found on the Fully Informed Jury Association's website:
Thank you for calling the Fully Informed jury Association. FIJA is a
The rise of the Fully Informed jury Association has shaken the modern jurisprudence on jury nullification.
With the rise of the Fully Informed jury Association, however, a growing number of jurors arrive at the courthouse with some awareness of this power.
They also distributed leaflets from the Fully Informed jury Association outside the courthouse." Id.
Don Doig of the Fully Informed Jury Association wrote to The Village Voice protesting Jim Ledbetter's rote-repetition of The Wall Street Journal's hit job I discussed here a couple of weeks ago.
I wrote about the Fully Informed Jury Association a few weeks ago, and since then it's been demoralizing to discover how many liberals and leftists actually fear juries.
Suffering the general execration of any outfit that might be militia-related is the Fully Informed Jury Association, which, as I wrote last week, demands that juries be informed that their root task is to consult their consciences about the rights and wrongs of the case before them, said task superseding all instructions of the judge.
Discussing populism and the zeal for freedom here a few weeks back, l mentioned admiringly the Fully Informed Jury Association. As part of its informative activities, this movement out of Helmville, Montana, publishes booklets and an excellent newspaper, FIJActivist.
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