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FQDFully Qualified Domain (domain name system)
FQDfuel quality directive (EU)
FQDFull Quadrature Decoding
FQDFédération Québécoise de Dynamophilie (French: Quebec Powerlifting Federation; Quebec, Canada)
FQDFlorida Quality Development
FQDFujitsu Quantum Devices, Ltd.
FQDFast Quadrature Decode (computing)
FQDFaerie Queen Doll
FQDFare Quote Display
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PDNS helps identify the indicator of compromise through correlation of historical resolution lookups, time-based analysis, and fully qualified domain name lookups.
In Internet parlance, top-level domains, or TLDs, are the last label of a fully qualified domain name and the end of a URL, according to web sources.
A fully qualified domain consists of three parts, delimited by periods: from right to left, the top-level domain (e.g., ".com"), the second-level domain (e.g., "plannedparenthood"), and the name of the individual server (e.g., "www").
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