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FASSFaculty of Arts and Social Sciences (National University of Singapore)
FASSFestival des Arts de Saint-Sauveur (French: Saint-Sauveur Arts Festival; Canada)
FASSFederation of Animal Science Societies
FASSFinancial Assessment Subsystem (US HUD)
FASSFédération Algérienne du Sport Scolaire (French: Algerian Federation of School Sport; Algeria)
FASSFonds d'Action Sanitaire et Sociale (French: Health and Social Fund)
FASSFlorida Agricultural Statistics Service
FASSFinancial Acquisition Support Services (USAF & General Services Administration contract vehicle)
FASSFreien Akademischen Sportvereins Siegmundshof (German)
FASSFisheries and Aquatic Sciences Society
FASSFire Atmosphere Sampling System
FASSFixed Aircrew Seat Standardization
FASSForeign Affairs Sous-Sherpa (G7/G8 process)
FASSFunctional Area Subsystem
FASSFOC Autonomous Safing Sequence
FASSFire & Air Support Section
FASSFiles Automation Scanning System
FASSFixed Air Sampling System
FASSFunctional Area Segment Specification
FASSFrequency Agile Signal Simulation
FASSForward Area Sensor System
FASSForward Area Support System
FASSFundação Atlântico de Seguridade Social (private supplementary pension entity; Brazil)
FASSFirst Article Sample Submission
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